5 “Study with Me” YouTube Channels for Working or Studying

Doing homework, studying for an exam or working from home can feel a bit lonely now that we are in a pandemic. It’s also not every day that we get to talk to our friends and classmates, as everyone lives a busy life on their own.

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Luckily, the “Study with Me” channels on YouTube have been around since 2017 and have grown over the years, helping those who need companionship feel less alone when doing their homework.

Here is a list of 5 “Study With Me” channels that might help you focus on your work:


If you are easily distracted by background music and find peace in silence and the gentle sound of rain, Merve is the perfect study buddy for you.

Aside from the cozy and visually pleasing bedroom they have, it’s really the 10 minute break that either gives a glimpse of the sublime view of dark Glasgow or a quick walk outside the park to cool off the mind after a study session which is quite vital to feel relaxed while doing homework.

Check out Merve’s “Study with Me” video here:

Abao in Tokyo

On the other hand, if you like listening to lo-fi beats and if the silence is too much for you to handle, Abao in Tokyo will help you overcome your procrastination.

The view from its window showing Tokyo’s rainy night vibes is enough to keep you busy as you slowly progress through your work.

Abao’s “Study with Me” videos will also make you feel comfortable with dim lighting, but not enough to make you sleepy, which is the last thing you want to feel when doing your homework.

Check out Abao’s “Study with Me” video in Tokyo here:

The sherry formula

This next channel is for my “cottagecore” besties! The Sherry formula could be the study companion for your aesthetic needs.

Sherry’s videos will take you to a dream cottage where you can easily get your work done and at the same time feel relaxed enough to carry on even if it takes you too long to complete your term paper.

Check out The Sherry Formula’s “Study with Me” video here:


Have you ever drunk at 3 in the morning? Might as well spend a sleepless night in this state. You don’t have to worry because Sheena시나’s videos will help you get through the night.

They also have ASMR “Study with Me” videos which can bring out the tingles as you study until you see the sunrise. (Note: regular sleepless nights are never advised. Go to sleep!)

Check out Sheena’s “Study with Me” video here:

Nessa Him

Now that we are in a pandemic and it is somehow impossible for us to study in libraries, Nessa Lui has the perfect content for you.

They mostly do their study sessions in the library – and yes, there are books everywhere – which I know most of us miss when there were still in-person classes.

Check out Nessa Lui’s “Study with Me” video here:

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