How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline

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Check how to watch YouTube videos offline

YouTube is the most popular video viewing site on the Internet. Almost everyone on the planet uses YouTube to watch videos. The amazing features of YouTube include the ability to upload, download and share videos and other beneficial features for users. One of YouTube’s coolest features is offline video.

So basically you can watch the movie later even if you don’t have an online connection, but keep in mind that the video you want to watch offline should be stored as long as you have an internet connection . You can store videos using Wi-Fi or mobile data, but I recommend using Wi-Fi as mobile data can quickly drain your bank account. I will show you how to watch YouTube videos offline in this article.

Before we start, I want to point out that you can only use this feature if you have the latest version of YouTube on your smartphone. So, if you want to enjoy this feature, save it offline and keep your YouTube account updated. Let’s get this party started!!

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline

  • Launch the YouTube app.
  • Open/download the video you want to save and watch later.
  • You can see a download/save icon just below the video.
  • Click on the Download iconYou will see a box appear.
  • Choose the resolution you want for your video and click Okay.

Once the video is downloaded, you will be notified or you may even see that the download option will change to a check mark. Your video will be saved in Unplugged option which you can find on your YouTube account. Swipe left on the YouTube screen (for Android users), click on the man icon, which you will find when you swipe left to the last option (for IOS users ).

Now enjoy video anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have an internet connection. You can even delete the video after watching it or let’s say you are tired of watching the same video over and over again.

AT delete video just click on the Three points which you can see in the upper right corner of each recorded video.

Final Words: How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline

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