Masahiro Sakurai reveals how he makes his YouTube videos

Masahiro Sakurai has been the talk of the gaming world ever since he launched his Creating Games channel on YouTube. The series is dedicated to Sakurai who delivers his thoughts on the video game industry, video game development, and video games in general. Never forget that this man has been working on video games since the 80s and making games himself since the 90s, so he has a wide range of experiences to offer fans and developers who want to make their video games the best possible. His channel currently has nearly 20 videos, and many people have wondered how many partners Sakurai has in making his series.

The answer comes from Masahiro Sakurai himself. In another Community Tab post, he revealed that he saves all the footage of himself at home. This is partly why he sometimes looks awkward in videos because he “couldn’t watch the can’t” while recording. We’re going to cut him some slack on that one.

As for the visuals, sound and general editing, Sakurai had help with this:

“A company called QBIST is in charge of editing the videos, as well as providing the audio and graphics. They also recorded some of the game footage, although I also did some of it myself, including everything for the debug version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Many have praised QBIST for the way they made Sakurai’s videos stylish and fun. They could have done the videos in the “talking head” style that many would have agreed with. But instead, the QBIST team makes sure what Sakurai talks about or presents is well represented. A good example comes from his latest video on UI in games.

In this video, he explains that there is a scale that developers like to use, a scale that tries to balance visual style and overall clarity of understanding. In the video, personas 5 is an example of having style over clarity. Because as the images of the game show, the title has a very elaborate user interface that is very noisy graphically and even has animations going on when you change the screen you are looking at. Even Sakurai admitted that it wasn’t the best in terms of clarity, but if they toned it down, it wouldn’t be. personas 5. The pictures helped to highlight this point.

Sakurai admitted early on in his series that he didn’t know how many people would watch his videos, but he wanted to voice his beliefs about things and hope they help him. Both the English and Japanese versions of her channel have been huge hits, and the quality of her videos are part of that success. They are already part of university courses and hopefully more people will come to watch them in the future.

Source: YouTube

Raymond T. Helms