Netizens point out that YouTube channels launch abuse against Hindu gods and goddesses

YouTube channels that insulted Hindu gods and goddesses were reported by netizens on Saturday, January 8, 2022. In response to the report, two of them were removed within hours. These channels spread hatred against Hinduism. The names of these channels abused Hindu gods and goddesses. One of them was fleeing Bangladesh.

Twitter user and analyst Anshul Saxena in his tweet had listed a few such channels. The channel’s content focused solely on the abuse of Hindu gods like Ram, Hanuman and goddesses like Seeta and Kali. After the outrage, two of the six channels listed in his tweets were removed from YouTube.

Other channels that are still there include abusive and obscene content Hindu Gods and Goddesses. In one video, a woman is shown throwing idols and images of Hindu gods. In another video, the goddess Kali dances on the orders of a non-Hindu (apparently Muslim) man.

This is not the first incident where YouTube channels spreading Hindu hatred have been reported. However, often such reports go undetected and no action is taken against them. Earlier in September 2020, ISKCON Vice President Shri Radharamn Das had approached Shakespeare Sarani Police Station in Kolkata with the request to file an FIR (First Information Report) against two people for hurting Hindu religious feelings and spreading hate via their YouTube channel.

The letter asked the police to file an FIR against Sateesh K Azad and Shakeel Khan running “The Realist Azad” YouTube channel for abusive, offensive and vulgar content on said channel. In the offending video, Bhagwan Krishna had been branded a “rapist”, hurting Hindus around the world who worship him. The letter demanded strict action against the two people running the channel for deliberately hurting Hindu feelings and trying to spread malice in society. Although the channel deleted the particular videos at that time, it continued to upload similar content later, which is still visible on the channel.

The said channel broadcasts nothing but anti-Hindu content in the name of “promoting rationality and destroying superstitions”. All of their videos make exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims.

Raymond T. Helms