Noel Deyzel rocks TikTok and YouTube channels with his videos

Noel Deyzel, the most recognized bodybuilder in the country, has surpassed all other South African YouTube channels with his popularity on TikTok and YouTube.

South Africa – 07 February 2022 – All other South African YouTube channels have been overtaken by the country’s hottest bodybuilder, Noel Deyzel, who has had great success on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Noel Deyzel, a competitive bodybuilder and co-owner of Ryse Supplement, is on a mission to raise fitness awareness and encourage people to lead healthier lives. The South African-born TikTok celebrity, YouTuber, entrepreneur and social media influencer, renowned for creating fitness and health videos on many social media platforms, has over 6.9 million subscribers on social media.

A year ago, he started uploading videos to his channel, which he started in 2008. According to his channel profile, he has spent almost a decade in the fitness industry. As a result, fitness movies, such as motivational and instructive movies, as well as healthy lifestyle movies, have become more popular. When he rose to fame on TikTok, his channel didn’t get as much attention as his other endeavors, like his music. Before the introduction of YouTube shorts, he started posting shorts on his channel, and they were instantly renamed. It is estimated that more than 230 million people have viewed his videos on YouTube.

According to Noel Deyzel’s response to a request for comment, “I was the punchline of all the jokes as I was regularly insulted for being tall and thin.” When I was only 21, I chose to become a bodybuilder. Yes, working out changed my life, and now it’s my goal as a personal trainer to help you do the same.

His business acumen has made him a social media celebrity and he has a large following. Sponsorships and self-employment are the mainstays of its financial resources.

About Noel Deyzel:

Noel Deyzel is a South African bodybuilder who owns the 5th largest YouTube channel in South Africa. He started the channel in 2008 and uploaded videos from 2018. He has 1.7 million subscribers and 230 million total video views on the channel. It aims to raise awareness about their health and adopt a healthier lifestyle: where he posts fitness tips, workout routines and humorous videos.

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