Number of YouTube channels earning more than $10,000 per year, up 40% YoY

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has released an open letter to the platform’s creators outlining her “priorities for 2022”.

In the letter, she covers “the state of the creator economy, innovation, supporting creators’ work, and protecting the YouTube community.”

Also in the letter, Wojcicki writes that the number of YouTube channels worldwide earning more than $10,000 per year has increased by 40% year over year, but does not specify how many channels earn this amount each year. .

The YouTube CEO also cites a series of reports from Oxford Economics that show the impact of the creator economy on the economies of nations.

“In 2020, as people around the world adapted to changing circumstances around the pandemic, YouTube’s creative ecosystem supported more than 800,000 jobs in 2020 in the United States, Japan, South Korea, in Canada, Brazil, Australia and the EU combined,” Wojcicki writes.

Discussing YouTube rival TikTok Shorts, Wojcicki notes that the shorthand video tool has now hit the milestone of 5 trillion all-time views.

YouTube launched the initial beta of Shorts in September 2020 in India and rolled it out in the US in March 2021, followed by expansion to Latin America, Canada and the UK in June, and more 100 countries in July.

In October, the platform got an exclusive preview of Ed Sheeran’s recent album, = (Equal).

In May 2021, YouTube launched its “Shorts Fund,” a $100 million fund to be distributed to creators over the 2021-2022 period, which Wojcicki says is now available in more than 100 countries.

Other 2021 milestones cited by Wojcicki include YouTube reaching 50 million Music and Premium subscribers (including testers) and the news in June that YouTube claims to have paid over $4 billion to the music industry. music in the past 12 months.

Susan Wojcicki YouTube

“Creators come to our platform to share their lives, earn a living, and shape the world around us in meaningful ways.”

Susan Wojcicki

Said Wojcicki: “The last few years have been a transition for all of us. We have adapted to changes in our lives that we could not have imagined before the pandemic.

“Along the way, we’ve seen incredible growth in the YouTube community.

Wojcicki added, “Creators come to our platform to share their lives, earn a living, and shape the world around us in meaningful ways.

“They bring us together to do good in the world. We saw the impact of these efforts last year when MrBeast and Mark Rober launched Team Seas to raise funds to remove 30 million pounds of litter from our oceans, beaches and rivers.

“At YouTube, we are focused on growing our platform over the coming year. Today, I want to provide an update on our top priorities: the state of the creator economy, the innovation, supporting the work of creators and protecting the YouTube community.”The music industry around the world

Raymond T. Helms