Productivity hacks YouTubers, YouTube channels that can help with productivity

Along with the usual movie breakdowns, gaming streams, and reaction videos, YouTube is also a huge resource when you want to learn more about various topics. Although there is a channel for almost every skill in the world, some content creators stand out.

My Calcutta takes a look at eight YouTubers we keep coming back to for inspiration on everything from productivity to finance.

Ali Abdaal

Learning to code at 12 and creating several internet businesses while studying medicine at Cambridge University taught Ali Abdaal a lot. Along with lessons and learnings, he also shares details of his financial earnings, a rarity in the YouTube community. While many of his videos cover the nuances of making money outside of your nine-to-five job, his channel is a goldmine of advice on several topics, from productivity to investing to typing. The entrepreneur has hosted a part-time YouTuber Academy course for budding creators, runs a podcast and signed a book deal – his journey is proof that a solo venture can become a community.

Honestly by Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay Bhat’s contribution to the internet isn’t just about comedy sketches and reaction videos. He brought financial literacy to millennials in a palatable package with his likeable personality. His second channel features him talking to experts and friends about stock trading and options investing, and even a weird video about the neuroscience of gaming and music. We see a more outspoken side to Tanmay as he breaks down heavy concepts with trademark candor.

Matt D’Avella

Director of Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix, Matt’s videos have a soothing aesthetic that suits his minimalist lifestyle. The filmmaker makes videos about what it really means to live a minimalist life in a practical way. The 30-day challenges he takes on – cutting out sugar to take cold showers – provide insight into the real-world application of hard-to-maintain “good habits.” If you’re looking for simple ideas presented without drama, Matt’s channel is for you.

Niklas Christel

Niklas exploded last year due to his fresh voice and polished videos, which focus on travel, filmmaking and personal development. He’s not only obsessed with the positives of hustle culture, but admits it might land you down a rabbit hole and emphasizes balance. What stands out is the short film feel of each video and the non-preaching tone that comes with it. We recommend starting with the dopamine detox videos and running a marathon.

Marianne’s corner

This YouTube channel guides you to become a better learner without recommending overwhelming, unrealistic habits that are impossible to follow. Mariana’s Channel is a great way to improve your overall planning and organizational skills, from learning to take notes to maximizing your phone’s productivity. It also acknowledges the toxicity of hustle culture and opens up about burnout, reminding viewers not to forget themselves in pursuit of their ambition.

Ankur Warikoo

Getting advice on investing and career building from the founder-CEO of hyper-local e-commerce platform nearbuy is a fantastic opportunity. Ankur Warikoo breaks down his finance tips into easy-to-digest YouTube videos. The videos, voiced in Hindi to reach a wider Indian population, are supported by comprehensive excel sheets that viewers can download from the description for their independent calculations.

Audrey Storm

The About section of Audrie’s channel states that her videos are short films, sometimes about nothing at all. The aesthetically shot videos feature a range of activities and simply show the YouTuber living her life and trying new things. There’s no set theme, no adrenaline-pumping challenge, and the tasks don’t feel like a race to beat the algorithm, but more like a project she’s genuinely taking on for herself. Perhaps it gives its viewers a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the day and watch mundane and interesting things, from home candle making and BTS videos of its films to resetting after a stressful time. The most refreshing part of her videos is that they don’t offer an unrealistic view of her life, opting for a more grounded take.

Thomas Frank

Breaking new ground on the internet with his slick videos on more effective study methods, Thomas Frank has carved a niche for himself in the productivity space, especially among a younger demographic. His videos, breaking the mindset of people like Elon Musk and Benjamin Franklin, provide a lot of information. A bonus is its custom Notion software, note-taking, and project management templates, which its viewers can access and use on their own. From finding the perfect morning routine to identifying the best task management apps, Thomas has a sense of clarity that gets the message across in depth.

Raymond T. Helms