Syfonix Web App Provides Free Music and Monetization to Small YouTube Channels

Previously unable to collect YouTube ad revenue, small YouTube channels can now monetize videos using free music available on the Syfonix web app.

HONOLULU, HAWAII, USA, Nov. 9, 2021 / — In 2018, YouTube revised its Youtube Partner Program eligibility requirements, preventing millions of content creators from receiving YouTube advertising revenue. Prior to the policy change, YouTube channels were only required to have 10,000 total views to join the YouTube Partner Program which allows YouTube channels to monetize content. The new restrictions now required a content creator’s channel to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total viewing hours in the previous 12 months.

Syfonix LLC is currently beta testing a web application that uses music to monetize content creators who are currently excluded from the YouTube Partner Program. Hawaii resident and owner of Syfonix, Joshua Kaye started working on the app in 2020 as the pandemic curtailed his previous work as a piano player. “As a professional musician seeing all my gigs disappear, I started looking at the possibilities of using online platforms as a way to reach new audiences with my music,” says Joshua. “I did a few live performances on Facebook and started uploading more music to YouTube. I realized that my music could also be used by content creators who incorporated music into videos that they were posting on YouTube. That’s when I realized that instead of licensing my music to content creators the traditional way, there was an opportunity to provide content creators with a share of the revenue that I would get from YouTube as a composer.

Patent-pending Syfonix technology allows content creators to download music from the Syfonix web application for free and then embed the music into their video content. After a video is published, YouTube’s content identification system detects Syfonix music in the video and pays advertising revenue to Syfonix. Additionally, YouTube pays Syfonix each time a YouTube Premium subscriber watches the video. Syfonix then shares the revenue it receives from YouTube equally with the content creator.

YouTube created Content ID and began paying music owners to avoid infringement disputes with music companies. Music owners upload their music to the Content ID system so that their music can be identified whenever it is used in videos posted on the platform. In June 2021, YouTube announced that it had paid $3 billion to music owners for music used in content creators’ videos over the past twelve months.

For content creators struggling to gain enough subscribers to qualify for the YouTube Partner program, Syfonix provides free music along with the ability to monetize their videos as they accumulate views and subscribers. Content creators can also rest assured that they will earn money if they post a video that goes viral before they qualify for the YouTube Partner Program. Without Syfonix, a viral video could generate substantial revenue for YouTube, without generating revenue for the content creator.

Syfonix also monetizes content on Facebook Reels and Stories, Instagram Reels and Stories and TikTok. The payment structure is different on these platforms in that a small payment (less than a penny) is paid each time the content creator uses Syfonix music in a Reel, Story or TikTok video. The payout is the same regardless of how many views the post receives.

Syfonix plans to officially launch in the next few months, but invites content creators to start using the app during its current beta testing phase. Syfonix’s monetization feature is fully functional, and content creators should expect to see the first payouts in early 2022. Syfonix also plans to expand its music library. Content creators interested in using the app can access it at

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