The 9 Best YouTube Channels for Vegan Recipes

The world is becoming more and more aware of health, as well as sustainability. This is why so many people switch to an all-vegan diet.

Making such a big lifestyle change isn’t a cake walk – vegan alternatives can be pricey and coming up with plant-based meal ideas can be difficult.

Luckily, YouTube has countless amazing cooks and chefs making vegan dishes that taste great. So if you’re considering going vegan or maybe just eating less meat, here are the 9 best vegan YouTube channels you need to watch.

Gaz Oakley, the YouTuber who runs the Avant Garde Vegan channel, is a professionally trained chef who aims to bring delicious plant-based versions of comfort foods everyone loves.

He hasn’t always been vegan, so he knows how important it is for beginners to have tasty, high-protein meals similar to the meat dishes they’re used to.

Avant Garde Vegan brings you easy, simple and delicious recipes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Some of Gaz’s must-try vegan meals include its Simple 20-Minute Meals, famous vegan lasagna, amazing vegan burgers, and fish and chips.

The amazing woman behind this YouTube channel, Jenne Claiborne, is a cook who decided to go vegan 10 years ago while in college. Her love of healthy cooking shines through in her videos, and they’re incredibly helpful for those just starting their plant-based journey.


Filled with countless tasty yet budget-friendly recipes, The Sweet Potato Soul is a channel anyone can try. Be sure to check out her video which focuses on great meaty vegan recipes that taste just like meat!

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Jenne also offers helpful guides such as a beginner’s guide to going vegan, vegan mistakes and bad habits, and even vegan weight loss hacks.

For those worried about going vegan, these vegan twins, Dave and Steve, will make traveling an absolute breeze.

Their YouTube channel, The Happy Pear, shows that almost anyone can cook a decent meal, whether you have experience or not. Initially, Dave and Steve launched their channel with vegetarian food. These days, they upload delicious all-vegan videos every week.

So if you’re looking for encouragement to start your vegan journey, The Happy Pear is the perfect channel to start watching. From making your favorite vegan Indian curry to making easy homemade firm tofu, these two make learning almost anything easy.

Dubbed “the vegan cooking channel for people who don’t know what they’re doing”, you’ll be hooked on this channel as soon as you watch a video or two.

Hosted by Rose, this YouTube channel is great for beginners and those looking for something real instead of outdated recipes like a boring Beyond Burger or Avocado Toast.

With her Korean heritage, Rose shows people how to make delicious vegan versions of the traditional Asian cuisine she is so proud of. Moreover, it also shows recipes of delicious western dishes.

You will be captivated by the Cheap Lazy Vegan channel after watching recipe videos for vegan kimbap, vegan dumpling fried rice, and a range of other lazy vegan Korean recipes.

If you are looking for a YouTube channel where you can learn amazing vegan recipes and be amazed by the polished quality of the videos, then Peaceful Cuisine is a must.

With over 2.4 million subscribers, this channel hosted by Ryoya is great to watch and listen to. Plus, the recipes are simple and versatile.

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Within minutes, The Peaceful Cuisine will have you fully immersed in the vegan lifestyle. With a wide selection of dishes ranging from mouth-watering eggplant and tomato curry to tomato bread and matcha cookies, you’ll be ready to cook in no time.

Hosted by Lauren Toyota, the Hot for Food YouTube channel is full of exciting vegan foods that will open your mind to plant-based alternatives that may taste like the meaty meals you’re used to.

Her recipe videos show plant-based meals that are easy to prepare, yet comforting and filled with umami. Looking for a vegan recipe that you’ll be revisiting for years to come? This channel is filled with tons of go-tos.

You can’t get enough of Lauren’s Fiesta Mexican Platter, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Ranch Sauce, Cinnamon Rolls and Thanksgiving Roast. And, yes, they are all completely vegan!

Whether you’re Caribbean or not, you’ll want to try these authentic recipes, like jerk tacos, curry jack, and Caribbean patties. All are made completely vegan by the channel’s amazing host, Rachel.

Switching to a vegan lifestyle can be difficult. However, this is made easy thanks to Rachel’s affordable recipes as well as her energetic personality.

Along with being a great vegan cook, Rachel also promotes trying to live a low-waste lifestyle. Follow in her footsteps by watching her videos that include tips to help you become zero waste and challenge yourself to make her zero waste vegan Nutella French toast.

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As well as offering a range of first-class vegan recipes, Ella Woodward will captivate you with her fabulous approach to plant-based foods. Plus, her British accent alone will make you want to watch all of her videos in one sitting!

Even though Ella’s YouTube channel is quite old and hasn’t been updated in a while, you’ll be grateful because of the countless tasty recipes that never seem outdated.

If you like to make sweet treats, you will be especially in love with this chain. Some desserts that hit the spot are Ella’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes and her Sweet Potato Brownies.

Many of us are looking for a little more fun and levity in our lives. Even though going vegan can be incredibly difficult, the host of this YouTube channel, Kristina, adds the cheerfulness you’re looking for.

Kristina’s recipes are easy to follow and nutritious, including her Avocado and Basil Pesto Pasta, Strawberry Shortcake and Raw Vegan Pizza Recipe. She also has a range of videos featuring different juice recipes, cleanses, and challenges.

Because her diet is mostly raw, it’s best to always have frozen vegetables and fruits on hand in case you can’t always find fresh produce.

Get Inspired and Delight in These Vegan YouTube Channels

Whether you’ve been vegan for several years or are just beginning your plant-based journey, it can be annoying to be stuck cooking the same old dishes. You don’t need to be stuck in a rut, all you need is the help of some amazing vegan YouTube channels.

These vegan chefs and cooks will inspire you to take the next step in your lifestyle change. With these YouTube channels, you can prepare dishes that are not only full of flavor, but also sustainable for the environment. To make your vegan journey 100% more palatable, watch these vegan YouTube channels for cooking.

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