Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week of 02/01/2022

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Will 2022 be the year of YouTube shorts? Our first US Top 50 for January seems to suggest that will be the case.

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Family channels continue to hold the top spots, but lower down the rankings, short-form content creators grabbed more spots than ever before.


A new year may bring a new me, but it doesn’t bring a new channel to the top of our US Top 50 just yet. Cocomelon – nursery rhymes still holds pole position in our all-American rankings. The animation channel 828.7 million weekly views were more than enough to lead the United States, and Cocomelon also took the top spot in our Global Top 50.

The last chain other than Cocomelon to reach the top spot in the US Top 50 is Like Nastya, and in our latest ranking, the Florida family vlog once again ended up near the top of the heap. It accumulated 701.9 million weekly viewswhich was enough for him to become our second US-based finalist.

The highest ranked Shorts YouTube channel in our most recent US top five was SMOL. With its collection of cute animals and adorable children, SMOL finished in third place this week. His 423.3 million weekly views put it above five billion lifetime views on YouTube.

LankyBox, which combines long-form and short-form content, finished fourth among all US-based channels as the timeline shifted to 2022. Hosts Justin and Adam continued to wow their 14.6 million subscribers with a combination of games and content inspired by pop culture. During our last measurement period, LankyBox added 381 million weekly views.

Vlad and Niki finished another family top five. The Florida-based chain, which ranked seventh in this chart last week, rose to fifth after hanging 337.1 million weekly views.

Top Winners

If my parents had had a more theatrical side, maybe my family and I would have ended up looking more like The McCartys. The American foursome – father Kevin, mother Stephanie, eldest Audrey and youngest Braxton – call themselves “your favorite TikTok family”. Now they are also making waves on YouTube.

In our latest US Top 50, the McCartys finished in 15th place, moving up six places from their previous position in the chart. They were able to organize this recovery thanks to a 29% increase in viewership week over week. In total, the nuclear unit resumed 192 million weekly views on their YouTube hub.

So what sets this family of videographers apart from all the others? Kevin brings a lot of energy to the clan’s comedy sketches, but even he sometimes plays second fiddle to Audrey, who is the center of attention in many of The McCarty’s most popular YouTube videos.

Some may find the video above (67.2 million views on YouTube) surprisingly dark for family content, but no matter what themes they play with, the McCartys never lose touch with their humorous side. Maybe that helps them get to the top of our US Top 50.

Channel distribution

This week there is 31 YouTube short film channels in the US Top 50.

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