YouTube Artist Moriah Elizabeth Lands Custom ‘Rubik’s Cube’ Collab Inspired by Fan Demand

Youtube Creator Moriah Elizabeth, which is best known for customizing squishy toys and other artsy crafts, has unveiled a collaboration with the iconic Rubik’s Cube toy.

The deal was facilitated by Elizabeth’s business partner of three years, Spring – formerly known as tee spring – who says it helped propel his revenue by 3,450% in less than three years.

the Moriah Elizabeth x Rubik’s Cube was born out of fan demand, Spring says, after viewers repeatedly requested that Elizabeth use her design skills to decorate one of the toys, which she subsequently did – personally illustrating 54 of its unique faces on each square. This video (below) has garnered over 6.9 million views and 88,000 comments and counts.

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Spring then leapt into action, he says, by getting closer to Rubik’s Cube, as his strategic partnerships management team worked with Elizabeth – who does not disclose her last name – on the design.

The limited-edition Rubik’s Cube – priced at $20 – is currently available for pre-order, which ends April 19, after which production will begin. Products are expected to ship on June 21.

“We’ve launched collaborations with some of the biggest designers and household names in the world and are thrilled to enter the designer economy for the very first time with Moriah and Spring,” Elizabeth LoVecchio, vice president of marketing for the parent company of Rubik’s Cube Spin Master, said in a statement. “When we saw the overwhelming reaction from his huge fanbase, it was a no-brainer to join forces and make his creation a reality.”

Elizabeth counts 6.3 million YouTube subscribers, and his channel is growing at a rapid pace, having gained over 2 million subscribers in 2020 alone. The Rubik’s Cube, born in the 80s, has sold 450 million units worldwide. Spring, for its part, claims to have seen 30 people become millionaires just by selling products on its platform.

You can check out Elizabeth’s Rubik’s Cube customization video, which set the whole collaboration in motion, below:

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