10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Dungeons and Dragons

With March 3, 2023, marking the arrival of the epic adaptation on the big screen, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, novices and neophytes have plenty of time to learn the game and familiarize themselves with the source material.

The best place to find in-depth video tutorials on mastering the definitive RPG is YouTube, where several expert players and Dungeon Masters have compiled the best gameplay tips, character tips, and gameplay precautions for players to get the most out of. big success. Whether you focus on story, combat, crafting, mastery, or another key gameplay element, the best J&D YouTube channels offer granular details on how to create the most awesome worlds possible.


The DM’s lair

With approximately 120,000 subscribers to date, Luke Hart runs The DM Lair, one of YouTube’s most comprehensive, entertaining and helpful guides covering a wide range of J&D the subjects. As a dungeon master himself, Hart provides hundreds of D&D mastery tips, as well as a series of very informative in-depth videos for beginners thanks to his J&D Adventure Creation Guide.

With live Q&A, helpful tips on how to deal with cheaters, and a magnetic sense of humor that will keep newbies coming back, no matter J&D the learning channels are as detailed and comprehensive as The DM Lair. Hart even provides J&D product reviews and conventions to keep players up to date with the latest developments.

DM Web

Hosted by Longtime J&D Pruitt and Jim Davis, who have used their wealth of experience to amass 190,000 subscribers, Web DM is another great YouTube learning guide for those who want to become Dungeon Masters. The incredibly informative page has everything newbies need to know about rules, regulations, basic game features and advanced strategy, and even the apps Dungeon Masters needs.

While Pruitt and Davis tend to focus on Dungeon Mastering, their page offers a wealth of knowledge for non-mastering players, including a breakdown of character concepts and classes, combat tactics, skills, and checks. capacity, and more. They cover worldbuilding, campaigns, weapons, locations, and everything a novice needs to get started.

Dungeon Dukes

With over 380,000 subscribers, Dungeon Dudes Kelly McLaughlin and Monte Martin understand how to build the greatest J&D characters better than most, and offer their in-depth knowledge in some of the most entertaining and easy-to-follow tutorials. For those looking to create a character built for the long haul, Dungeon Dudes has them covered.

In addition to providing comprehensive cheats and tutorials that explain the basic rules of the game and J&D mistakes to avoid, the YouTube page explains how to cast spells, adopt rituals, perform basic and advanced combat, manage stealth missions, take on specific monsters, and even understand class stratification. The Dungeon Dudes have even launched the Dungeons of Drakkenheim campaign, a series of live videos for fans to follow.

Don’t stop to think

Using an easy-to-digest animation video style, Don’t Stop Thinking is a great tutorial page for newcomers. J&D players and aspiring DMs. The short, fun videos are clear, concise, yet detailed enough to turn beginners into experts in no time.

With 1 million videos viewed on such accessible topics as “How to Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e” and “How to Become a Dungeon Master for Absolute Beginners”, Don’t Stop Thinking is extremely valuable for those just getting into the game. blind, especially for those who don’t want to sit down for hours-long overwhelming video guides.

All About DND

Approaching a quarter of a million subscribers, All Things DND is ideal for new J&D players who learn best by listening. The audio site offers peer-to-peer commentary as players share their J&D stories and experiences in one place, allowing others to learn what to do and what not to do in key scenarios.

Anyone who had a memorable moment J&D playthrough can share the specific details with the channel, who will tell and animate their stories for everyone to enjoy. With shorter videos that never eclipse 30 minutes, All Things DND is a wonderful place to get together with other J&D beginners (and experts) and audiophiles who prefer to learn by sitting down and soaking up spoken reading guides.

Matthew Colville

With over 400,000 subscribers, Matthew Colville is arguably the most authoritative voice on the internet. J&D tutorials. His “Running The Game” step-by-step video series is one of the most informative and useful guides for new players, from starting their first adventure, playing their first session, creating their first characters, to a priceless end. game strategies.

Also included are campaign logs, world-building tips, advice on dealing with standoffs, exploring in-game sociological themes, and much more, Matthew Colville’s YouTube page is prime for neophytes destined to become the most effective dungeon masters.

Dungeon Crafting

Led by Professor Dungeon Master, Dungeon Craft is another popular YouTube learning guide that provides a wealth of information on how to perform a J&D Gameplay. The site covers basic rules, how to run the game, crafting, exploring the terrain, collecting items, painting minis and much more.

With a focus on classic retro-style games, Professor DM keeps his students engaged by making short videos under 10 minutes that include “Tips for Teenagers”, “Top 5 Rules Nobody Uses” , why certain characters are consumable, what D&D courses players should play like, and more. With full campaign playthroughs, news, tips and the latest J&D reviews, Dungeon Craft is ideal for hardcore DMs looking to take their stewardship to the next level.


With over 780,000 subscribers, MrRhexx has one of the most definitive J&D YouTube tutorials. With a heavy emphasis on story, few pages dive as deeply and informatively into D&D lore and history as MrRhexx. Between the J&D Lore and the J&D Series of comments, the page offers more extensive know-how than many expert players.

Whether it’s breaking down in-game usable gear, telling stories, classifying character classes, or revealing a host of secrets regarding Mind Flayers, Chimeras, Beholders, Modrons, and other creatures, MrRhexx understands that To conquer the game, you must first understand the story of the fantasy role-playing game case.

DM All

Those who learn visually by osmosis may want to check out the 20-30 minutes J&D Walkthroughs that DM It All has to offer. The relatively new YouTube page focuses on adventure, gameplay analysis, obscure trivia, and where to find hidden D&D Easter eggs, and dives deep into J&D books regarding the history of tabletop games.

If the site leans towards Dungeon Mastering, it also traces the evolution of J&D from its inception to the modern era, which is sure to pay dividends for both beginner and expert players. Additionally, the site uses the history of the popular RPG to contextualize how video games led to cutting-edge designs and developments in the industry.

critical role

Easily the #1 J&D Registered YouTube channel, Critical Role has amassed 1.8 million subscribers thanks to its expert panel of professional voice actors, including the Dungeon Master himself, Matt Mercer, who improve and fight their way through a very fun game. J&D campaign after campaign. For experts and beginners who want to learn more about the vast J&D mythology and witness first hand how to navigate the most difficult aspects of the game, no site is better or more comprehensive.

From telling the story of Exandria to delivering full campaign playthroughs for Vox Machina, Mighty Nein, and Hells Bells, Critical Role goes live every Thursday at 7:00 PM PST to keep the new and the old J&D players up to date with the latest information players need to know for optimal games. Above all, the star power of the actors and the genuine fun they have will turn skeptics into an instant J&D converts.

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