10 Best YouTube Channels to Understand DC Comics

As advances in technology provide access to virtually any information, YouTube has established itself as a source of expertise. Featuring millions of videos and channels on a number of topics, YouTube has become a go-to source for fans looking to better understand the deep and nuanced world of DC Comics.

With channels focused on different aspects of DC, its comics, and the expanding DCEU, YouTube offers insight into all of the specific facets comic book fans would want to better understand. From character origins to market value, there’s something every fan can use on YouTube. The following channels have been carefully selected as the best destinations for comic book fans seeking rewarding DC Comics resources.


Comics Explained

Telling viewers through fantastical story panels with eerie insight, Comics Explained has proven to be a sought-after channel for DC Comics details. Honing his craft, having been a comic book content creator for a considerable amount of time, Rob maintains a devoted following on YouTube, aptly dubbed the Rob Corps.

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With its outwardly interactive host, CE offers everything a DC aficionado could want and connects humanly with fans. Completed with an in-depth understanding of DC, the comics, and the fans, CE ranks at the top for those looking for DC facts on YouTube.

Top 10 nerds

As the name suggests, the YouTube Top 10 Nerd channel specializes in approaching DC Comics through the use of the list format. As one of YouTube’s premier resources for quantifiable categorization of the many facets of DC Comics, Nerd excels at categorizing and organizing the enormous amount of information within DC Comics.

By breaking down DC Comics knowledge into clear and simple lists, Nerd helps keep viewers from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. Supplemented by a dedicated fan base led by the infamous #nerdsquad, the YouTube Top 10 Nerd channel is home to one of the best treasures for soaking up DC Comics information.

New Sage

A hidden gem of DC Comics knowledge on YouTube, with a heavy emphasis on characters, the New Sage YouTube channel stands as a priority for those looking for an in-depth look at a wide range of DC Comics characters. Presenting using a moderate pace and clear articulation makes New Sage easier for new fans, as does the inventive Sage Scale hero and villain ranking system.

Embodying YouTube’s up-and-coming comic book content creators, New Sage gets high marks for the time-efficiency component and the fantastic choice of using more obscure DC Comics characters worthy of proper introspection as video subjects.

Comics with Bueller

Understanding comes in all forms, and while some fans might want to learn the story behind Darkseid’s introductory dealings with Amanda Waller and Co., others might want to find out what the first is worth. Darkseid’s clash with the Suicide Squad. Comics With Bueller informs fans of the fluid comic book market by presenting itself as a buyer’s guide.

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Covering topics ranging from trending new comic book series or artists to the best comics to invest in, Bueller has something to offer DC Comics fans on YouTube. Finally, with frequent updates, Bueller keeps viewers in the loop, assessing the value of collections or looking for another prized acquisition.

WhatCulture Comics

Since its inception in February 2017, WhatCulture Comics has steadily grown in popularity, becoming a top destination on YouTube for fans seeking wisdom and advice regarding the world of DC Comics. Explicitly focused on showcasing lists, news, and reviews, WhatCulture has refined the presentation, resulting in short, simple videos giving viewers quality substance without going overboard.

Notably, doing a stellar job of keeping list topics fresh and intriguing, WhatCulture Comics also shows a remarkable skill in connecting its content to all of the different forms of DC media. With a sprawling video playlist, WhatCulture features a slew of content to help any DC Comics fan gain a more holistic understanding of the dark, multiverse world of DC Comics.

Official DC Comics YouTube Channel

Wonderfully designed, the official DC Comics YouTube channel offers comic book fans a wealth of information on all things DC. Scholarly realizing that YouTube offers a primary media outlet to reach the fanbase directly, DC updates the channel frequently, often relaying news straight from the horse’s mouth.

With a comprehensive library of videos, DC touches every facet of its comic book realm, providing fans with insightful videos about comic book releases, character biographies, and upcoming projects. Finally, this channel offers wonderfully artistic previews of upcoming comic book series, giving viewers essential information on their favorite DC heroes, villains, and anti-heroes in between before heading to the stands.

critical thinking

Combining a solid understanding of DC Comics with a multi-layered analytical approach, the Thinking Critical channel aims to get viewers to do just that. Covering topics ranging from character introspections to behind-the-scenes news, Thinking Critical has DC fans covered.

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Approaching topics with fans’ interests in mind, Thinking Critical often leaves viewers feeling like they’ve won something. Sometimes such stimulating stimuli can enrich the understanding of the passionate and rigid feelings that DC Comics fans harbor towards their favorite heroes.


Launching the channel in March 2014, Comicstorian has become a mainstay in the comics community on YouTube, spreading comic book knowledge daily. Featuring entertaining, embodied covers of the best DC Comics over the years, Comicstorian Benny and the rest of the Eligible Monster team always leave viewers in a good place.

Additionally, while Comicstorian features digitally altered comic book panels during videos, audio is the calling card, giving fans the experience without having to watch, the proverbial cherry on top for this remarkable YouTube channel from DC Comics.

Variant comics

Teaching viewers about DC Comics for over a decade, Variant Comics has distinguished itself as a central YouTube channel regarding comic book media. A channel loaded with extensive video playlists, Variant has pretty much everything a knowledge-seeking DC fan would want, arranged in an easy-to-navigate format.

Variant stands out for its production quality and the overwhelmingly upbeat vibes that flow seamlessly through playlists ranging from heroes 101 to crossovers. This “haven of geekdom” broadcasts from a wonderfully concocted studio that visually nails the “geek cave” aesthetic, giving viewers a roundtable feel while discussing DC Comics goodness.

comic drake

Relatively new to the YouTube scene, Comic Drake represents a solid and up-and-coming channel for those looking for a more fundamental understanding of DC Comics. Most of the videos averaged around ten minutes in length, offering excellent ratios of accumulated knowledge to time investment.

Drake scores well in the creative realm, with answers to many questions DC fans might have and some they probably wouldn’t. These distinctive videos include “Batman X Fornite is Stupid and Great” and “DC Comics’ INSANE KFC Trilogy!” proving that Drake is worth seeking knowledge about Batman and Colonel Sanders.

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