10 most subscribed YouTube channels in Brazil

By sounds and colors
| July 22, 2022

Brazil is a fantastic place for culture and entertainment. Rio Carnival, Amazon Rainforest and Christ the Redeemer are well known around the world and attract many tourists. It is therefore not surprising that many Youtube channels have millions of subscribers exploring the rich culture of this fabulous country. Here are some Brazilian YouTube channels with the most subscribers in the country and in the world.

1. Kondzilla Channel

As the biggest funk music channel in the world, CanalKondZilla has a huge following. They have over 65,000,000 subscribers worldwide, with over 57 million subscribers in Brazil. To reach these subscriber levels, you may need to buy YouTube subscribers only for $1.

Their music videos are from artists entering the Brazilian charts, and their content tends to get around 38,000 views each. Interactions are around 2,000 per video. Some of their videos perform well above that and can expect over a million views. It is a simple account and can be used to create a party playlist for a party mood.

2. Philippe Neto

Filipe Neto is a well-known YouTuber and personality in Brazil. He is a Luso-Brazilian individual known as an actor, writer, vlogger, etc. His YouTube channel is one of the most followed in the country by a single person who needs no introduction. He streams at least one video a day, some of it live, to his 44 million followers.

His high-energy videos are inspiring and encourage engagement. Most videos can get over a million views and 133,000 engagements. That’s more engagements than most YouTubers get for their typical videos. It is his charisma that seduces the public.

3. Whinderssonnunes

Whindersson Nunes Batista is a fantastic example of Brazilian comedy and what it can do for a channel. Whindersson is a comedian, YouTuber and singer. He publishes video content that includes music but also lifestyle. In a series of videos, he gathers friends and takes them on a road trip IN Brazil, in search of places of unique beauty and hidden quality.

He has a massive following in Brazil with 41.9 million and a respectful 2 million outside of Brazil. His videos are also very engaging. It typically has over two million video views for each video and 490,000 engagements per video.

4. Voce Sabia?

Você Sabia produces content that promotes interesting facts, stories and curiosities from around the world to Brazilian audiences. Hosted by Daniel Molo and Lukas Marques, the account features a range of highly engaging content and brings fresh perspectives on many different topics.

They have over 43 million subscribers worldwide and 41,000,000 subscribers in Brazil. Their content has a high level of engagement, including nearly 900,000 views for each video and nearly 150,000 engagements per video. That’s an incredible engagement rate of one engagement for every six video views.


Luccas Neto, 30, uses his acting skills to deliver great entertainment and comedy to his 38 million YouTube subscribers. His videos are entertaining and include excellent acting and animation. His channel was the 47th in the world to reach 10 million subscribers. Its content has generated billions of views, surpassing 8 billion views in 2019 and 20 billion views in 2022.

On average, his videos will attract 450,000 views. His videos don’t have the highest level of engagement, with only around 14,000 engagements per video, making him one of the least engaged on the list. He also disabled his comments, making it harder for people to engage.

6. GR6 Blast

GR6 Explode is another funk music channel that hosts videos of some of the best entertainment in the genre. It is the sixth largest account in the country and has the second largest number of funk fans in the world. The channel promotes films produced by GR6 Filmes. This company is part of the group and focuses its production on Funk music and videos.

The group has over 250 artists on their books and they help them all showcase their talents to a global audience. The audience can enjoy the music and easily find their next favorite artists. This channel is well worth the investment for those who love funk music.

7. Rezendeevil

Humor is at the heart of the success of this channel. However, what makes this account, Rezendeevil, so different is that they don’t just post a video every day or every few days like the other channels on the list. Instead, they create four videos a day.

These are set on a regular release schedule that lets the audience know when the next video will be released. So many of their 29.6 million subscribers can rely on their schedule and access their channel at set times. Their account gets around 300,000 views per video and 30,000 engagements per video.

8. Renato Garcia

With two videos a day, Renato is a big name in the video-sharing platform, with 25 million subscribers worldwide. It doesn’t have many subscribers who are not in Brazil, which is one of the unique aspects of this channel. His videos vary in content. He mainly blogs about his life, accomplishments, dreams, etc.

It can be a bit confusing, but those who love cars and motorcycles might be tempted to follow the channel because it has a strong passion for it. Recently, he started giving tips on how people can become successful and own their own YouTube accounts with large audiences. It also has a fashion line and shows how businesses can have a great YouTube channel.

9. David Guetta

David Guetta is the official channel of this top celebrity in Brazil. Following his account lets you see all of his music, lyrics, documentaries and more. His channel has some of the highest number of views on the list, with some videos getting over 10 million views, though the average is around 90,000. The channel’s engagement is around 16,000.

10. Erlania and Valentina Pontes

Primarily aimed at younger audiences, this channel posts videos that review toys and races. Valentina also vlogs about her life with her mother and brother. They have over 1,000 videos in 2022.

She is a very popular young YouTuber with over 22 million subscribers (21 million Brazilian subscribers), over 660,000 video views and over 7,000 engagements. This channel was created 8 years ago and is one of the fastest growing on the list.

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