10 Perfect YouTube Channels to Watch Comfortably, According to Reddit

With the start of the school year back to school and the summer weather finally beginning to wane, many people are finding themselves indoors more often than they have in the past few months. That’s why many people turn to YouTube to pass the time and find an opportunity to unwind a bit.

Many YouTubers offer soothing videos that many people use to relax a bit. Many log on while cooking, relaxing after a long night of studying, or after a stressful situation. Most of the best comfort videos on the Internet can be found on YouTube.



Originally a channel dedicated to showing people what it was like to use goods and resources in the 1700s, Townsend’s YouTube channel has since evolved into teaching recipes. “He posts authentic 18th century recipes and his presence is so soothing!” says Reddit user catrowe.

It’s an interesting look at history, and many viewers take comfort in knowing how many recipes and culinary tastes have changed over the years. The channel can also be used to get new recipe ideas, which makes it even better than some of the best cooking apps.

grannies pasta

There’s something soothing about watching grandma cook, whether online or in person. There’s something even more soothing about watching her make authentic Italian pasta. “It makes me feel like I’m in my big Italian nonna’s kitchen,” says Reddit user Artist850.

While it’s certainly fun to watch, many recipes can also be tried at home, which certainly helps viewers learn more about cooking. Anyone looking to improve their skills or just enjoy soothing grandmas cooking would probably love Pasta Grannies.

Great Depression cuisine

There’s something fascinating about learning to cook, especially with limits. According to Redditor dwills66, they love watching YouTuber, Great Depression Cooking, because it’s “a great channel with simple recipes made by the channel owners’ 94-year-old grandmother.” They further add that they love how “she shares her experiences and makes you feel like you’re her family too.”

Studying the history of cooking is always relaxing, but seeing how people cooked when they couldn’t afford to splurge is fascinating. It can also help viewers in college, who may need to learn how to cook without having much more than ramen noodles and eggs at their disposal.

Internet Historian

But not all relaxation channels are about the kitchen. Sometimes it’s worth putting on a humorous YouTube channel and sitting down and cooling off for a while. “I swear some days I’m in an ‘internet historian’ mood,” says a now-deleted Reddit user. “I would watch his videos over and over again.”

Internet Historian explores both real-world and online events with a humorous lens that often makes viewers laugh. Videos tend to be anywhere from five minutes to almost an hour, which means fans can either incorporate videos into their daily life or set aside an hour to relax and learn more about beached cruise ships and Brad’s poor wife.


Another YouTuber who likes to explore history with short, easily digestible videos, Thoughty2 is an extremely soothing watch. “I like to learn and have fun asking a dapper Englishman to describe the story to me so I can tell others badly about it later,” says Redditor Skwareblox.

Of course, Thoughty2 doesn’t stop at story videos. It also teaches viewers about sociology, space exploration, and even conspiracy theories. It’s always fun to sit down and watch his videos for a while to relax and learn more about the world.

Babish Culinary Universe

The best food movies of all time tend to leave fans incredibly hungry and wishing they had the chance to try everything the characters have made. But as painful as not enjoying that food, there are YouTubers like Babish’s Culinary Universe who are giving fans the chance to see those dishes being prepared in the real world.

Even aside from the amazing food he cooks, fans love Babish. “His voiceovers are soothing,” EconHistoryKid says on Reddit. With new episodes uploaded regularly, viewers always have a chance to open his channel and unwind with inventive fare.

Jenny Nicholson

While some channels focus on history, food, or comedy, some YouTubers don’t like to restrict the topics of their videos at all. Jenny Nicholson explores all the issues she loves, though she usually sticks to discussing recent examples of pop culture, whether it’s movies or television.

Typically exploring the most popular films of the year, Nicholson has a unique style that adds comedy to every discussion. “It’s so weird to realize that I watched Escape from tomorrow like, uh, the escape, for years at this point,” says Reddit user PitifulDrummer360. It shows how loyal his fans are and how much they love his videos.

Another group of movie critics, RedLetterMedia offers a variety of different shows exploring movies and any other pop culture media they want to revisit. With shows focused on positive and negative reviews, RedLetterMedia has something for every fan.

It’s easy to get lost in their videos, given the humor and friendly nature that carries them. “I eat them The best of the worst periodically,” says OnTheProwl on Reddit. Some videos are easier to consume than others, given that they are 10 minutes to an hour long.


Of course, there is another category of YouTubers that has grown in popularity over the years: YouTubers who play. Grian is one of the best of them. “Honestly, I thought I had outgrown Minecraft It’s been a long time since the YouTube phase, but I recently discovered this guy’s channel and I’m having a great time,” EZPZ24 says on Reddit.

His sense of humor and the pranks he often plays in his videos are incredibly entertaining. Because he never takes gaming too seriously and simply strives to calm his viewers down, Grian has deservedly become one of the most popular gaming YouTubers.

Too sarcastic productions

Exploring myths, legends and historical lore, Overly Sarcastic Productions is a channel run by two YouTubers, one called Red and the other called Blue. While it’s interesting to learn more about these myths, more than anything, “It’s comfortable listening,” says Redditor Tonaia.

Both also explore literature, including tropes and classics. Often dedicated to educating their viewers with humor and fun animation, they keep the subject matter appealing to students and anyone looking for a break to relax. This is why they are so comforting, and especially why they manage to calm their users down.

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