10 YouTube Channels Every DC Fan Should Follow

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With some of the most iconic superheroes of all time under his belt, it’s no wonder the CC The franchise is one of the most popular of all time. DC Comics has been creating these timeless heroes since 1935 and has continued to earn a wide following of loyal fans over the decades. The universe has expanded to accommodate tons of video games, TV series, blockbuster movies, action figures, and merchandise, and continues to release new content frequently.

There are over 10,000 characters in the DC Universe, ranging from hugely popular Justice League heroes – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash – and villains like The Joker, to lesser-known members of the franchise.

Fans of the DC Universe are always looking for where to find more information about their favorite characters and stories, or where to be part of a larger community. Luckily, there are tons of different YouTube channels that offer limitless resources of information on all things DC. Here are 10 YouTube channels every DC fan should follow, and if Marvel is more your speed, be sure to check out the channels Marvel fans should subscribe to.


The official YouTube channel for all things DC Entertainment, this channel, with nearly four million subscribers and over 3,500 videos, is the number one destination for all things DC. From official trailer releases to gameplay, comic book news, music videos, and more, DC’s channel caters to fans of all ages around the world. There is also a dedicated fan community which is very active on the channel’s community page, engaging and interacting with the channel, as well as other fans.

Comics Explained

The man behind this channel has been reading comics for over 25 years, making him one of the most qualified to provide information to fans. His channel promises to make anyone a comic book expert, and his more than two million subscribers don’t seem to think otherwise. The channel dives deep into the origins and backstories of the characters and offers many facts that many fans may have missed.

DC Kids

This channel, as the name suggests, is for kid-friendly content only. Featuring content and clips from some fan favorites like: The Teen Titans Go!, Krypto the Superdog, DC super hero girls, and more, DC Kids has amassed over six million subscribers and caters to the youngest fans. There’s no shortage of fun content for kids, and there are even educational videos on the channel to enhance learning.


According to this channel’s description, NerdSync makes “video essays that critically examine corny media out of curiosity.” It provides comic book fans with fun, easy-to-understand videos that delve into the creation, history, science, and philosophy of several fan-favorite comics and cartoons. Through a pop culture lens, NerdSync answers fan questions and tackles theories and conspiracies about DC characters and their storylines across comic books and live-action adaptations.


Self-proclaimed comic book nerd Benny Potter is the man behind this interesting channel. Known for providing lessons in comic book history, with an in-depth look at a character’s early life, Comicstorian is the go-to YouTube channel for comprehensive information on multiple heroes and villains. With a dedicated community of 2.74 million subscribers, and with over 2,800 videos in its catalog, Comicstorian is sure to satisfy any comic book fan!

Variant comics

This channel studies the intricacies of comic books, individual characters, movies and shows, and even video games. Variant Comics offers fans a wide selection of content to choose from, including: origin stories, character strength comparison and analysis, movie predictions, exciting lists, and more. While the channel isn’t solely dedicated to DC Comics, its quality superhero content has earned it a spot on this list, along with 2.4 million subscribers.


For the past 10 years, the funny brains behind ComicPop have presented exciting comic-related content in the most casual and hands-on way possible – through playful conversation. ComicPop prides itself on creating videos and content that will resonate with easy-going viewers with the goal of making comic books fun for absolutely everyone. From unboxing videos to live podcasts dissecting the authenticity of the latest film and TV adaptations versus the original comic book, ComicPop is one of the most relevant channels and the perfect stop for a newbie to the world of DC. If you’re already looking for a channel that speaks to the viewer as a friend, look no further.


ComicBookCast2 is the self-proclaimed “online geek culture community” for all things comics. The channel offers daily news, weekly podcasts and more to its 500,000 subscribers. With content ranging from trailers, reviews, spoilers, and more across 15,000 videos, ComicBookCast2 is a surefire way to get all the latest information on comic book characters and their live-action adaptations.

awesome emergency

This hugely popular channel is packed with some of the best comic book content. Religiously uploading videos daily to 4.28 million outstanding subscribers, Emergency Awesome provides fans with promo videos, trailers, easter eggs, deleted scenes and more. With over 5,000 videos uploaded, it’s also one of the most consistent channels for comic-related material.

SoundSuper Efficiency

Unfortunately, this channel is no longer posting new uploads, but with less than 1,000 videos in its catalog, there’s no better time to jump into ItsSuperEffective musings. A fun and exciting channel that covers everything from games, comics and cosplay, this YouTube channel stands out for its diverse and extremely interesting content. But what made this channel a real delight were its comic book history videos. Led by the adorable Faust, the videos were presented in a very honest way, and fans continue to hope that the channel will be revived one day.

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