10 YouTube Channels Every Scream Fan Should Follow

Scream fans have been dedicated to the franchise for over 25 years, watching every sequel whether it succeeded or not. However, the gaps between movie releases can be long, and there are only so many times a person can re-watch a classic before it loses its charm.

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Fortunately, there are many different outlets for Scream fans to turn to online. While there isn’t much mainstream fandom (fanfiction, etc.), there are plenty of places to find interviews, fan films, and theory videos on YouTube. Here are the top ten YouTube channels each Scream the fan must follow to get through the wait until Cry 6 is released.


The Drew Barrymore Show

Drew Barrymore is famous in the Scream fandom for his character Casey, who died in the opening scene of the original Scream film. While her talk show is definitely not a horror center, she loves the franchise and is a great source on everything. Scream.

When the most recent film came out, Barrymore got exclusive interviews with the cast. While this is a standard issue for most talk shows, it was especially special because she had her connection to the franchise. And, if all else fails, content-desperate fans can imagine a world where Casey Becker survived and was inspired by Gale Weathers to enter the media industry.

Possessed by Horror

PossessedByHorror is Sarah Hawkinson’s horror movie focused YouTube channel, which is also a YouTube sensation on her lifestyle channel. Sarah does a lot of videos reviewing her favorite horror movies and genres, as well as ranking and tier list videos where she compares them.

While Sarah admits that Scream isn’t her favorite horror franchise, in part because of the same issues Reddit users have reported over the years, she treats the franchise and its characters with great respect, honoring them for their place in the culture horror, and fans will be intrigued by the connections she makes between Scream and other horror classics.

Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy’s character, Randy, has always seen the Scream the franchise’s best twists are coming, except maybe his death. Now the man himself has his own YouTube channel, where he shares his life these days, his previous roles and his thoughts on the most recent Scream trailers and movies.

Although the channel does not focus entirely on Scream, it gives fans a glimpse of what Randy would look like if he hadn’t been tragically killed, and supports the actor who brought one of the franchise’s best characters to life. Some videos to watch include his discussion of how he was chosen for Randy, his reaction to his first Scream interview, and, if fans are willing to scroll far enough, his screen test for Scream.


For those looking for daily content, WhatCulture Horror is a good place to search for mainstream horror content. While few videos look exclusively at Scream as a franchise, many of their roster-based videos look at Scream in comparison to other major horror films.

The channel tends to offer darker content, so it might not be best for fans who only enjoy meta-horror or comedy horror. But those looking to branch out into a broader genre can browse their videos to find their favorite tropes or concepts and see which films feature them.

beyond the mask

Beyond The Mask is a British YouTube channel entirely dedicated to Scream. He talks about the movies, the MTV series, unconfirmed fan theories, and alternate drafts of the movies’ scripts to provide some of the most in-depth franchise analysis out there.

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Not every post is a winner, but they post multiple days a week, which means there’s a lot more content to explore if one video or another isn’t the best quality. A warning to fans who have to keep to strict schedules: it’s easy to fall Scream rabbit hole on this channel, wasting hours to its endless content.


CZsWorld is a great channel for horror content, including videos that examine the backstories of various horror movie characters, as well as Easter eggs from every installment in the major horror franchises.

For Scream fans, in particular, the channel has put together a backstory from Drew Barrymore’s character, Casey Becker, and mapped out Easter eggs from each of the first four films, including signs that might help fans in their eyes. eagle to discover the killers early, rather than falling in love with one of the Scream franchise’s many red herrings.


the Scream The franchise, while it has its scares, isn’t meant to be strictly terrifying, and the creators behind the Merkins understand that. The Merkins create song parody videos featuring famous horror movie villains. While some, like the one shown above, are specific to the Scream franchise, others combine Ghostface with other slashers to create the boy band “The Slashstreet Boys”.

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While some fans are looking for genuine terror, many others just enjoy the comedy and the meta references, and these videos can help alleviate some of the horror. After all, it’s hard to be terrified of a masked killer after seeing him perform synchronized dance moves with his friends.

Zach Cherry

Zach Cherry is one of the best horror YouTubers around, and while he talks about a variety of horror franchises, his niche is his. Scream videos. It ranks individual films in the franchise, determines which Ghostface killer carried out each kill, and identifies references in each. Scream film.

His logic for each video is always well researched and argued, and it’s clear how much he loves the candor. It’s one thing to get authoritative content from a channel that makes a lot of videos for profit, and it’s another to watch someone who just loves horror, and Scream in particular, and that’s Zach Cherry to a T. He’s also recently expanded his content to include longer horror movie discussions in his podcast. The Cherry Picker.

Zen House Studios

talk about the Scream the franchise is great, but there were eleven long years between Cry 3 and Cry 4as well as between Cry 4 and Cry 5. And put together, the five films currently released only total about ten hours. So it’s only natural that fans want more content.

Zenhouse Studios provides exactly that with their film Cry: Legacy, which premiered on YouTube on March 25, 2022. The film follows Sidney Prescott’s daughter Katie, who returns to Woodsboro to care for her grandfather. Although the film may seem a little strange due to its plots similar to Scream (2022), it’s a well-made fan flick that some reviewers say is even better than recent sequels. the Scream fandom does not enjoy large amounts of fan fiction like other fandoms, so high-quality fan art always deserves recognition and appreciation.

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