10 YouTube Channels Every Star Wars Fan Should Follow

the star wars fanbase may be one of the biggest in the world. This, combined with the endless number of YouTube videos on all things star wars can make it difficult to find a channel to follow that will give fans what they are looking for.

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Narrowing it down to the best is a good start. For those in the fandom looking for the star wars channel for them, be it games, lore or reviews, these are the best and perfect for all levels of fans.


The YouTube channel nerdist has content that perfectly matches its title: anything and everything a nerd could want. As it concerns star wars content goes, they have a decent amount considering the large amount of other content they have regarding other properties.


Among their many playlists, they have one dedicated to The Mandalorian and RogueOne, to name a few. They also have an entire playlist called “May the 4th Be With You”, which is a compilation of all their Star related to wars videos. Their content ranges from short informative videos to fun spinoffs that any fan could follow.

Star Wars culture

Hosted by Hannah Raeside and Jordan Chaffer, Star Wars culture is a star wars podcast created by fans, for fans. In a casual way, they discuss their favorite and least favorite moments, characters and creatures.

Both also talk about characters in the star wars franchise they’ve loved in the shows and want to see in the movies/shows Disney is working on. They were also able to bring guests on the show to talk about topics ranging from cosplay to books. Their podcast has a very friendly nature, which makes it welcoming to fans of all skill levels.

The Galactic Empire Explained Star Wars

While there are tons of videos out there about all the Jedi, the different worlds, and of course lightsabers, the Galactic Empire is a topic that isn’t as covered. Gaining knowledge about the members, ships, and overall history of the Galactic Empire is made easy through the YouTube channel, The Galactic Empire Explained Star Wars.

From comics to the latest trending shows, this channel ensures everyone can find out which officer did what and why they did it.

The prodigious wave

There’s a lot going on in the star wars universe that can be confusing for newcomers or even fans. The prodigious wave is the ideal YouTube channel to consult to better understand things. Their videos are shorter, most of them are around five minutes long, and they cut to the chase.

Along with doing reviews where they include their own opinion on things, they also have announcement videos when new shows, movies, and games release new information about what they will release and when. They have a sister channel called The Wonderful Wave it’s also about all things Marvel.

Leia’s lair

For fans looking for more interactivity and humor star wars– linked content, Leia’s Milkr is the channel to follow. While this channel does the usual game and episode review live streams, there are also plenty of video quizzes where fans can find out what color lightsaber they would have or what character they would be.

Leia’s Lair will often break down episodes of shows, like Lego Star Wars: Terrifying Tales, and show the best clips of each. More recently, however, they have taken many scenes from Boba Fett’s Book that Grogu is in and caption what he might say. This is the type of content that hardcore Grogu fans have been asking for.

The master of knowledge

Between all the movies, comics, and shows coming out of the star wars franchise, there are a lot of traditions to follow. The master of knowledge has all this and more. In a professional, mini-doc-series style, their videos help explain facts, answer questions, and confirm any suspicions fans may have had about the star wars universe.

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While some of their old content may seem like it was created just to educate fans, their new content seems to follow news and trending topics.

star wars theory

star wars theory has all the usual content from book reviews, theories explained, and more. With their videos ranging from around five to 15 minutes long, it’s easy for fans to learn what they may need to know before watching the next episode or reading a new comic.

In addition to all that, star wars theory also has fan-fiction videos that are really well done. From their logo, which is Anakin Skywalker as Darth Vader without his mask, it’s safe to say that they’re huge Vader fans, which is why their fan-fiction movie is mostly focused on Vader.

star wars

The official star wars YouTube account can always be counted on for the latest and most accurate information on anything and everything. star wars. They will always have the latest trailers and announcements for any new content coming out of the franchise, like characters that might appear in Thieves Squadron.

They have a wide variety of mini-shows that cover all different topics. From their book club show to “This Week! In star wars“, the channel can provide all levels of fans with everything they are looking for, regarding the official announcements of the franchise.

Star Wars HQ

star wars video games have been a pretty big part of the franchise as it’s grown over the years and the YouTube channel, Star Wars HQis the place to go for all things star wars video games. They cover everything from new gameplay features to new trailers for games.

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Star Wars HQ publishes videos on the games of the star wars lego games at Star Wars Battlefront and all things in between. They’ve branched out a bit and are starting to do reviews on other games, as well as episodes of star wars shows.

Sarlacc Digest: A Star Wars Podcast

Sarlacc’s Summary is a podcast led by six guys: Marco, Kris, Scott, Ernie, Joey and Mike, who met while waiting in line to see The force awakens. These guys talk about all things star wars. From fan theories to episode reviews and unboxing merchandise, these six seem to be having the best time talking about anything and everything related to the topic.

In reference to the Sarlacc of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi their channel name is pretty clever. Given that the Sarlacc generally ate anything that fell into their mouths, this may translate to this group of guys who digest anything to do with the franchise.

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