10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Love True Crime

Unpopular Opinion: Humanity’s strange fascination with true crime is somehow debatable. I mean, how can we relax with podcasts or videos about gruesome, real murders and unsolved mysteries? But such is the mystery of the people: the true crime genre continues to be as popular as ever on the entertainment scene.

We also see that the ethics of this genre are fraught with pitfalls, but that’s another story.

If you’re new to this kind of entertainment, or looking to break away from your usual cable or streaming fodder, here’s a list of 10 – including five run by Filipino channels – YouTube to watch if you’re into true crime. , or plan to become obsessed with true crimes:

Buzzfeed’s Unresolved Network

From discussing aliens and unknown entities to analyzing grisly crimes, Buzzfeed Unsolved Network has been at the forefront of true crime analysis since 2016.

Buzzfeed’s compelling visuals will make you feel like you lived through the horrific events (yikes). Additionally, the hosts’ personal feelings (yes, they casually converse and feel fear too!) can add to the creeping sense of fear you’re sure to feel when watching their true crime videos.

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Follow Buzzfeed Unsolved Network on YouTube.

True Crime Daily

If you’re looking for true crime documentaries that go for a more comprehensive and in-depth approach, True Crime Daily might be the channel for you.

Since 2014, the channel has experienced solid growth with 4.87 million subscribers.

True Crime Daily features host Ana Garcia as she delves into past and current criminal cases in the United States while advising professionals in the field such as crime experts, law enforcement and attorneys in their podcasts and documentaries.

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Follow True Crime Daily on YouTube.

Bailey Saryan

Wondering if makeup tutorials and true crime stories go well together? Well, Bailey Sarian has proven that these two can co-exist in a single video and still be compelling content.

What’s striking about Bailey’s content is how she manages to talk casually and freely to her audience as if she were some kind of longtime friend, which makes them feel more connected to events. that unfold throughout the crime.

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Follow Bailey Sarian on YouTube.

Vintage Files

Although Vintage Files focuses on discussing various historical places, things, and people, this channel also delves deeper into some underrated crimes from the past.

This channel is perfect for those who don’t have the time and energy to watch 40-minute to hour-long episodes, as their videos are usually no longer than 15 minutes.

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Follow Vintage Files on YouTube.

Registered criminal

Unsolved Crimes fans should pay close attention to the Criminally Listed YouTube videos, as they will surely keep you from thinking about them late at night.

From serial killers, cults to cannibals, the gruesome crimes highlighted on this channel are put together to make you feel like you want to be a detective yourself just to solve unfinished business.

Just like Vintage Files, you can watch Criminally Listed videos if you have a little too much on your plate, as they also have short and succinct content.

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Follow Criminally Listed on YouTube.

Martin Rules

Has anyone called a “gaitective”? Youtuber Martin Rules is here to serve you real criminal content while they put on their best lipstick!

Much like Bailey Sarian, Martin also mixes makeup with true crime talk. In fact, from their interview with POP!, the young Filipino YouTuber mentioned that he was inspired by Bailey’s videos. Martin usually presents and discusses controversial cases while casually conversing with their viewers (yes, Bailey Sarian style), which really works for them.

Martin posts true crime videos to YouTube every Thursday.

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Follow Martin Rules on YouTube.

memory of murder

While Murder Recollection is a beginner true crime YouTube channel that just premiered on April 9, 2021, crime junkies should always keep an eye out for this one.

This channel summarizes known Filipino crimes around the world and mainly deals with murder cases.

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Follow Murder Recollection on YouTube

Explore with us PH

Explore with us PH is a recent addition to the true Filipino crime wave. They posted their first video on March 7, 2021, and since then they’ve tackled various true-crime stories on cold cases and the like.

They also create videos that have something to do with unsolved supernatural events that also attract a lot of audiences.

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Follow Explore With Us PH on YouTube.


True crime fans and anime movie lovers will most likely enjoy the content of TrageDiaries due to its heavy reliance on CGI and animation.

The channel publishes grim crime events such as the Manila hostage-taking scene and the SAF 44 case that took place in Maguindanao in 2015.

Although the channel hasn’t been the most active in posting content, you can still watch their previous videos which were all well done. Like really. The quality is truly impressive.

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Follow TrageDiaries on YouTube (who knows? Maybe we’ll get an update).

Haunted History of Hilakbot

In addition to creating videos about Filipino urban legends, Hilakbot Haunted History is also for true crime lovers. Presenting unsolved mysteries and crimes from different eras of history, the channel focuses on both Filipino and foreign mystery cases.

Not only that, they also create short animated fictional horror videos that convey the scary stories perfectly.

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Follow Hilakbot Haunted History on YouTube.

Enjoy your True Crime and relax. /VERMONT

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