3 foodie YouTube channels you need to pay attention to

Need the perfect recipe for your next dinner party? Are you tired of all those options on food TV and the expensive ingredients required? Want something a little more authentic and easy to follow? (Sorry to sound like an infomercial host.) How about these 3 foodie YouTube channels to help you kick your next dinner party into third gear?

For epic recipes and a good time, these days YouTube is full of great channels that aim to bring you the best recipes out there, sometimes even new ideas you never thought of before.

Want a recipe for your next shindig? Try one or all three of these YouTube channels for great cooking tips and recipes.

And sure you have your big budget channels that have like a million viewers from all over the world, and they’re awesome and all, but sometimes you lose something in the process… that passion for what it’s about in the first place, or should be all about: food, recipes and what they mean to the people who show them…

Let’s face it, those huge channels that usually get a trillion views these days are pretty much all the same: same tone, same delivery, the host trying their best to be funny… a bit of acting added, and that real factor that I kind of talked about earlier gets lost in the process. Sometimes you want to listen to someone who’s a little closer to, well…you, and that’s GENUINE.

If you look back to the days before YouTube and internet sensations, what made a great performer adored by millions, it was that authentic factor that shone through all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with big budget YouTube channels, and even their recipes are great, but today I thought we could focus on those quality channels that have great product and ultimately deliver what you want in the first place…that recipe that will go down well the next time you invite the in-laws over for a meal; this recipe that will have them all nodding their heads and rubbing their bellies in absolute bliss.

Don’t always go for the Yankees. Sometimes the Mets play better. Sorry for the sports analogy. I can’t help it, though, because as I’ve said before, friends and readers, I’m also a sportswriter. But let’s get back to basics…

I love what UEAT

Enter this mother and daughter team of YouTube chefs. Speak genuinely and don’t try too hard at all. They are just themselves and come up with what are actually real recipes for items from their family table. Their interactions are genuine, and you don’t get that repeating goofy look that a lot of these channels can sometimes have.

Are we talking here about the aesthetics of a product? Yes. I mean, not everyone wants to see good old Uncle Rolfe, wiping his hands on a dirty apron, wiggling his handlebar mustache every time he breathes.

Here with Love What UEAT, the recipes are delicious and what you get is basically what you were looking for. The recipes work, they are explained correctly and at the same time you get a real pair of women who know how to talk on camera – the videos are also entertaining. Take this food web.

Myself, there’s a reason I’m a writer… in front of the camera like these ladies are, I might look as genuine or at home as Chandler Bing posing for a picture (you Friends fans will know what I’m talking about).

Anyway, give this channel a try. You will not be disappointed. Recipes that will definitely make you want to visit: Mini Walnut Tarts (OMG), what they call La Famosa Torta Di Nonna Parete (Grandmother’s Famous Coffee Cake) (OMG²)… and many more Again.

Chef Clemence

Sorry to stick to Italian food here, folks, but really… do I need to convince you how great Italian food really is? I did not mean it. And really, you can never have enough recipes in your arsenal, and this man does it well.

If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. He was a candidate for Hell’s Kitchen and although he had a pretty dirty apron on the show, Chef Ramsay gave him a hard time, he’s spotless on his YouTube channel, and his experience in classic Italian restaurants shines through.

He too is great in front of the camera. He’s at home in front actually, and is quite hilarious and charismatic. He would be right at home in a De Niro movie, I would say… you know the ones I’m talking about. But the chef life he chose and he started this YouTube channel; it offers very good recipes… home cooking with those restaurant tips that only a classically trained chef can provide.

Standout recipes on his channel include the Italian gyro, yes Italian, a very classic pasta fasul (bean pasta), and his Sunday dinner with Chef Clemenza is entertaining and informative to watch.

You can see him interacting with his family and like the ladies above, it adds to the experience. Food brings people together, and food preparation too; it’s not just eating that does it. That’s why Food Network and PBS cooking shows have always done well.

CH secret recipes

And for something a little different, or maybe very different, this channel also has great recipes, not Italian food. This channel will make you cook Asian recipes like the ones you’ve only ever enjoyed in a restaurant. The techniques are simple and here the videos are so easy and simple to follow too.

You will absolutely not be disappointed. Recipes that stand out include: stir-fried sweet potato noodles, Chinese yam pork rib soup (perfect for those chilly, chilly days ahead), fried daikon meatballs, and even a gravy recipe. keto friendly sausage and cookie cake. keto inclined.

Trust me, dear readers, these three channels have the recipes you need to impress your friends and/or in-laws…hell maybe even that special someone.

Try the recipes and let us know how they turn out, and oh yes… don’t forget to subscribe to the channels above; especially if the recipes earn you some hard-earned brownie points along the way.

Raymond T. Helms