3 Ways to Capture YouTube Videos

Do you want to take screenshots of YouTube videos on your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone? We’ll walk you through several methods to help you do just that.

There are many cases that justify taking screenshots of YouTube videos. For example, you might want to capture that perfect moment from a trending video for social media, save stunning landscapes to use as your computer wallpaper, save intricate instructions and diagrams in off-screen image format. line, etc

YouTube does not provide a built-in method for its viewers to take screenshots. Instead, here are several other ways to capture YouTube videos on desktops and mobile devices.

1. Use a YouTube screenshot extension

If you watch YouTube on a PC or Mac, the most convenient way to take screenshots of a video is to take advantage of browser extensions specifically designed for it.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

In Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can easily capture screenshots of YouTube videos with the aptly named Screenshot YouTube extension. There are other similar browser add-ons, but this is the most popular with the highest ratings and the one that works the best.

Simply visit the YouTube Screenshot page on the Chrome Web Store or the Edge Add-ons Store and select Add to Chromium/Obtain > Add extension.

Then start playing a video on YouTube (reload the page if you had it open), and you’ll immediately see a Screenshot button at the bottom right of the video pane. Select it to take a screenshot of anything you see on the screen, and the image will appear on your computer screen. Downloads case.

Don’t worry, YouTube Screenshot won’t capture playback controls, surrounding gradients, or black bars (unless the video isn’t in 16:9 aspect ratio). The extension also copies the screen to your computer’s clipboard, which means you can immediately paste it elsewhere.

If the image quality is important, you need to increase the video resolution (select Settings > Quality) and switch to full screen mode (select Full screen button).

You can also customize how the YouTube Screenshot extension works. Select the YouTube screenshot in the Extensions menu (top right corner of browser windows), choose Choice/Expansion optionsso what:

  • Check the box next to P key as a hotkey to take screenshots if you want to capture screenshots with the P key.
  • Adjust Image format to use at PNG (default) or JPG. If file size matters, JPG is the lighter of the two.
  • Choose between Save to File and Copy to clipboard if you only want the extension to save screenshots Where copy them to the clipboard, not both.


Do you use Mozilla Firefox to watch YouTube? Install the YouTube Screenshot Button extension via the Firefox Browser Add-Ons store, and you should be good to go.

Start playing a YouTube video and select the Screenshot at the bottom of the video pane to take a snapshot screenshot of what you see. Increase video quality and switch to full screen mode for better looking screenshot.

The YouTube Screenshot Button add-on allows you to switch between PNG and JPG formats for saved screenshots. Open the Firefox menu and select Add-ons and Themes. Then select the After (three dots) next to YouTube screenshotselect Choice/PreferencesAnd put Screen capture format at PNG Where JPEG.

Other web browsers for PC and Mac

If you’re using another Chromium browser like Opera or Brave, you should have no problem taking YouTube screenshots with the Chrome Web Store’s YouTube Screenshot add-on. If you didn’t already know, Chrome extensions are compatible with other Chromium-based browsers.

Opera also has an extension called Screenshot YouTube Video in the Opera Add-ons store. You might want to check it out if you only prefer native browser add-ons.

However, if you are using Safari on a Mac, there are no dedicated extensions capable of taking YouTube screenshots. Install Google Chrome, another Chromium-based browser, or Mozilla Firefox if you need to regularly take proper screenshots in macOS.

2. Visit the YouTube-Screenshot website

Another way to take screenshots on desktop devices is to use a website called YouTube-Screenshot. You need to copy the YouTube video address, select the desired frame and download it. Image quality is limited to 1280×720 resolution.

  1. Copy the YouTube video URL to your desktop or mobile device’s clipboard. In the YouTube app for Android and iPhone, tap To share under the video frame and select Copy link.
  1. Visit YouTube-Screenshot.com and paste the YouTube URL of the video into the Youtube video Video URL or ID field.
  1. Select Get screenshots.
  2. Scroll to Play video and take custom screenshot section.
  3. Play and pause the video where you want to take a screenshot and select Take a screenshot of this frame.

If you want to download the video thumbnail of the video, scroll down to the Official screenshots determine the quality of the screenshot and save the image to your desktop (right-click and select Save Image As) or mobile (long press and select to safeguard).

Another website that offers similar functionality that you might want to check out is YouTubeScreenshot.com. Again, paste the YouTube URL or Video ID and you should be able to quickly upload screenshots of any image.

3. Use native screenshot tools

It’s still possible to take YouTube screenshots using the native screenshot features on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. They’re not always practical because you often have to crop a lot of non-essential areas like the surrounding black bars and playback controls afterwards.

If that doesn’t matter, here’s how to take a screenshot quickly using your desktop or mobile device’s native playback controls. But before you start:

  • Be sure to increase the video quality to generate clearer screenshots.
  • Switch to full screen mode to avoid capturing the browser/YouTube app interface and other non-essential parts of the screen.

Windows and macOS

  • the Windows: Hurry the Windows + PrtSc key. You will find the screenshot in the Screenshot subfolder of your computer Pictures case. Or, press the Screenshot button to add the screenshot directly to the clipboard; hurry CTRL + V to stick on.
  • Mac: Hurry Ordered + Gap + 3. The screenshot will immediately appear on the desktop. Learn more ways to take screenshots on Mac.

Android and iOS

  • android: Press the Lower the volume button and the Power button at the same time. The screenshot will appear in Google Photos and other photo gallery apps.
  • iPhones and iPads: Press the Turn up the sound and Side buttons simultaneously. Find the screenshot in the Recent Photos app folder. On devices with a home button, tap House + Side In place.

Don’t forget to ask permission from the uploader

Do you plan to use YouTube screenshots of videos that don’t belong to you for online publication? While this almost always falls under fair use, it’s still a good idea to seek permission from the video uploader and credit the YouTube channel if you decide to go ahead.

Raymond T. Helms