4 YouTube channels to learn how to ride a bike faster with tips and training

While biking can be a pretty carefree way to exercise, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can learn to make your journey smoother and faster. If you ride a road, mountain or triathlon bike and want to get up to speed on your next ride, explore these resources on YouTube. With helpful tips from experts and trainers, you can safely get that acceleration so your adventures on the road or on the trails are even better.


With nearly 2 million subscribers, the Global Mountain Bike Network is the go-to YouTube space for anyone who loves mountain biking. Clips featured by the network include dizzying rides through technical trails as well as some pretty fierce failures. But many videos focus on the most fun (and sometimes terrifying) part of mountain biking: the super-fast ride.

How to ride really fast on a mountain bike

The title says it all, as this video featuring Blake and Rich is all about handling those intense downhill speeds. They go over everything from proper suspension setup to the importance of looking far ahead (not down) when zooming down a trail. These tips can help you increase your speeds safely.

10 easy ways to go faster on your mountain bike

Learning how to choose the right gear at the right time as well as dialing in your bike’s suspension and fit are key tips for going faster on your bike. Neil offers great advice on this topic that isn’t too difficult in this video.

Nearly 3 million subscribers watch the informative and often breathtaking videos of the Global Cycling Network (GCN). Very steep hills, challenging races and rides that last hundreds of miles are part of this chain’s DNA. Whether you’re a long-time cyclist or someone just getting started, there’s always more to learn from GCM.

Ride fast: top tips for high-speed cycling

Does driving fast make you a little nervous? Flying on the road on a bike can take a bit of practice before you feel comfortable. In this video, Manon and Conor share helpful tips that make those quick commutes a little less daunting. For example, making small adjustments to your body position and remembering to brake gently are key to making those fast rides a little more manageable.

How to ride a bike even faster

If you’re looking to increase the speed on your road bike, then this video by Manon and James is definitely worth checking out. Learning how to make headwinds and tailwinds work to your advantage as well as avoiding areas with heavy traffic congestion can help your journeys be much faster. Use some of the must-have apps for cyclists to plan your route and avoid all the stops that slow you down.

5 things on a bike that slow you down

Do you accidentally lose speed on every ride? In the video 5 Things on a Bike That Slow You Down, Hank and Conor go over common factors that tend to slow cyclists down, including loose clothing (especially rain jackets) and even the wrong kind of tire pressure. for your land. Making a few adjustments to your gear, bike, and body position can help make it all a little more aerodynamic. Soon the speed gains will follow.

Cycling coach Dylan Johnson offers training tips for people of all experience levels. Serious wisdom plus a few well-placed moments of humor are what you can expect from this informative channel.

Everything you need to know to become a faster cyclist (in 15 minutes)

Johnson packs a lot of great cycling info into this short video. Everything from planning seasonal workouts to lifting for cyclists is covered, and Johnson backs up his advice with research. This is a great video for athletes who like to get into the finer technical details of training.

How to be the fastest cyclist on the bike path

This decidedly tongue-in-cheek video is great for a laugh, but it’s also a friendly reminder to be mindful of others while you seek speed. Sometimes it’s normal to be passed on the bike path.

If you want to hit the roads at full speed without worrying about irritating someone else, check out the best cycling apps for indoor trainers. In the virtual worlds of Zwift or RGT Cycling, you can feel free to do it all without worrying about crashes, weather, or anyone else on the road.

David Arthur offers road and mountain bike reviews as well as simple advice for cyclists on this popular channel. Watching his videos is like chatting with a friend who owns a bike shop.

7 free hacks to cycle faster for beginner cyclists

If you want to go faster without buying a ton of new kits or upgrades to your bike, this video is for you. Arthur explains how to increase your speed by simply keeping your bike clean and enjoying a shot of caffeine before your ride.

How to drive faster! Power meter against carbon wheels

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your bike for speed, this video is well worth a watch. Arthur addresses the question that many beginner and intermediate cyclists face: should I upgrade to a power meter or carbon wheels first? A power meter can effectively gauge your cycling power, but carbon fiber wheels can instantly make you faster (plus they look super cool). Arthur explains the pros and cons and who would benefit the most from each upgrade.

Learn how to gain speed on your bike with these YouTube videos

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the easiest way to go faster on your bike may be to kick back with your phone or computer for a few minutes to get some tips from these expert videos. The best cycling videos on YouTube to increase your speed offer fantastic advice for cyclists of all experience levels. Whether you’re trying to hit Tour de France level speeds or just hitting a new personal best, these videos can help you improve your skills.

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