4 YouTube Channels Where You Can Find Mess-Free Plays For Elden Ring, Dark Souls

Since Ring of Elden was released earlier this year, you’ve probably heard countless endless complaints and moans about the game’s difficulty. Many players have expressed frustration about how it seems like you have to lose count the many times where you die before you can beat a boss.

The same is true for the dark souls series of video games, which are developed by the same company that made Ring of Elden.

Well, like some who have played Ring of Elden and dark souls can attest to this, it is possible to beat a boss in the game without taking any damage. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s totally possible.

If you still believe us, here are YouTube channels where you can find parts of players successfully beating a Ring of Elden Where dark souls boss without taking damage.


DarkPlayerBrett has been sharing boss fights and cutscene compilations since the account was created in 2019. You can also expect them to be of high quality as the videos are recorded in 2K or 4K, depending on the console used.

DarkPlayerBrett has a playlist of 11 videos showing him beating Ring of Elden boss without taking damage. However, if you’d rather watch all the main boss fights in one video, you can watch it in the video you see above. Again, he takes no damage even in this video.

Fair warning though: the video is almost an hour long.


According to his YouTube profile, Esoterickk has been a YouTube member since 2008. He says he enjoys “creating honest, straight-to-the-point videos and guides without extra filler, intros, clickbait, or unnecessary commentary.”

Like DarkPlayerBrett, he has a dedicated playlist for his Ring of Elden content, which contains over 150 videos at press time. Almost all the videos show no damage. If the number of videos is a little too overwhelming for you, Esoterickk has put together a compilation of all 165 boss fights where he takes no damage.

In this particular video, Esoterickk is not summoning anyone. The combat you will be watching also only features melee.

Esoterickk also has playlists for damage-free video playlists for Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sinand Dark Souls III as well.

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Raf ‘Le Chazz’

You could say that Raf ‘The Chazz’ is a relative newcomer to the world of YouTube gaming, but to say he doesn’t have much gaming experience couldn’t be further from the truth. The videos you see on his channel are proof of the experience.

How? The majority of his content, both videos and shorts, features him Dark Souls III boss without taking damage. There is a video where he takes damage, but he manages to beat the boss without having to heal his character.

His videos aren’t very long either and just focus on all the action that comes with the boss fights. The videos are usually just under two minutes long, making them perfect for those who don’t have the time or patience to watch long videos.


Similar to Esoterickk, SquillaKill has been a YouTube member since 2008. If you’re a fan of Dark Souls III and frequently watch parts of the game on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with a video posted by SquillaKilla which has 4.6 million views at the time of writing.

The title of the video explains it all best. It simply reads “Worlds First 0 Damage All Bosses + DLC Run – Dark Souls 3”. If you want to watch it, it’s the video you see above. Make sure you have about four hours to spare though.

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Raymond T. Helms