5 YouTube Channels to Follow When Starting Your Natural Hair Journey – Black Girl Nerds

If you’re a black woman considering ditching relaxers and straighteners, your biggest question may be how to start your natural hair journey. Fortunately, there is YouTube – a life-changing platform with thousands of videos on natural hair care and natural hairstyles. But with so many different channels available, it can be difficult to know who to follow. Here are five channels you should follow if you’re considering or have started your natural hair journey, along with some basic channel selection criteria to follow.

What to look for when following channels

It’s easy to get starstruck when you see a beautiful black woman with long, healthy type 4b or 4c hair. Seeing this always gives a little hope to any woman who has had her big shot. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that even if you share similar hair textures with a YouTube star, everyone’s hair is different. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to be a bit selective when choosing who to follow.

And while there are common practices within the natural hair community, there are no hard and fast rules for natural hair care except to avoid treatments or products that contain toxic chemicals.

When you come across different YouTube channels, ask the following questions.

How transparent are they with their background? Can you follow their journey from start to finish? Do they share different parts of the journey? Do they show a variety of natural black hairstyles?

Do they back up what they say with personal experience and science? Caring for natural hair is a process that involves trial and error, experimentation, and sometimes a bit of luck. One way to know if the information you are listening to is authentic is to pay attention to what they share from their own experience in addition to paying attention to the factual information they share. They don’t have to be a scientist, but can they at least define and mention some of the anatomy or breakdown of hair?

What are people saying in the comments? People are honest on the internet. If people share their positive experiences, it’s a good sign that a channel knows what they’re talking about.

Do they have a similar hair texture to yours or do they have a hair texture that you admire? It’s fine to admire and follow someone who has a different curl pattern to yours; however, you may not be able to apply the same techniques. You have to embrace the texture of your hair and learn to take care of it as it is.

Raymond T. Helms