50 Times People Left Such Hilarious Comments On YouTube Videos, They Ended Up Being Better Than The Videos Themselves

There’s something about a comments section that really brings viewers together. Whether they’re bonding over a life-changing song or giving each other advice on how to grow tomatoes in their garden without killing them, netizens love to comment. You see it on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, even right here on Bored Panda, and of course, Youtube. The comments section on Youtube isn’t particularly unique, as users can leave their own thoughts, respond to threads, and like comments, but the culture is interesting.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a Youtube video without reading the comments. I to know there will be something funny or informative below, and I’m curious what other viewers have to say. A video generally conveys a point of view, but comments can show a wide range of thoughts. However, checking replies is not a habit I have on all social media sites. Instagram is more about seeing what my friends are up to, so I’m not as concerned about what other people have to say. There probably won’t be many comments anyway. But on Youtube, engaging with other users makes audiences feel like a community, and as this list will show you, that community might have a future in comedy.

Raymond T. Helms