6 fashion YouTube channels to subscribe to right now

A YouTube playlist can’t replace the impending Netflix queue, but it does offer its own iteration of binge-worthy channels. Most fashion content on the social media platform is derived from each other. Proven trends are looping. Each Youtuber is an influencer and all other videos, an endowment by the powerful sponsors. In such a pool of content, holding one’s attention is considered a mark of distinction.

The very idea of ​​fashion has been evaluated in the midst of a pandemic. As sweatpants invade our wardrobes and most brands are ready to embrace seasonless collections, the otherwise modest conversations around sustainability, slow fashion and artistic expression have seen a revival. sincere. Take for example the foray into NFTs by luxury houses or Balenciaga’s iconic showcase at Paris Fashion Week that defied a stance of solidarity with Ukraine. In a post-pandemic 2022 period, fashion as a subject goes beyond.

Modern consumers are invested in the processes their clothes go through. Repurposed fabrics, second-hand items, salvaged vintage pieces are the new trendsetters. Vlogs around a designer’s entrepreneurial journey, discussions of fashion shows or BTS’s of a runway lineup, and the life of a stylist are the new global content creators.

So here are six fashion YouTube channels that are inspiring a new generation of fashion content.

Justine Leconte


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