6 YouTube Channels Every Comic Book Fan Should Follow

Comics are booming thanks to the revival of comic book movies that are dominating not only cinema, but also TV streaming and video game releases. The idea of ​​a Spider-Man movie once seemed like an odd idea, and now there’s more Spider-Man content available than there are spiders in the world, it seems.

But what if you’re a comic book buff, or want to be a comic book buff? Which YouTubers should you watch to keep up to date, or just help you revel in your love for signs and colorful stories? Look no further than our six recommendations.

Mr. Sunday Films

The most quintessentially Australian YouTube channel, Mr. Sunday Movies produces movies on a plethora of pop culture topics, but where it shines is its knowledge of comics and how it relates to movies. A co-host of the excellent podcast The Weekly Planeta very relaxed air about its content makes for welcoming and enjoyable edutainment.

Some of his best series include “Caravan of Garbage,” in which he returns through history for often-crappy comic book stories from Marvel, DC, and star wars. Very competent but not at all a keeper. You will undoubtedly learn some Australian slang along the way.


Not a comic book channel in exactly the same way as the others, Pigpen produces fantastic “iceberg” videos covering truly bizarre stories and moments from comic book characters like Spider-Man, Batman, and the Transformers. They are long videos, but very entertaining and consumable like a podcast.

It draws deep star wars comic lore as well, so your galactic needs are also well taken care of.


Responsible for some of the best “BreadTube”-style essays on comic books and their history, NerdSync is a must-have for any comic book fan who wants to learn more about the industry. Host Scott Niswander leads deep dives into Comics Code Authority, the story of Superman vs. the Flash, and even explains Steve Ditko’s love for drawing particular hand poses.

It’s a longer form, but absolutely some of the best content on the medium. Niswander imparts his knowledge perfectly, bringing an understanding of philosophy, history, and politics into reading comics and how to better analyze them.


Best described as “explaining a comic to your friends in a pub, but on video,” the hosts of ComicPop do some great reads and stories from famous people, and talk about how the characters came to be. Ever wanted to know the story of Morbius the Living Vampire? Well you can find out with ComicPop!

Very entertaining, relaxing to watch, and will do a great job of convincing your friends to get into comic books.


While ComicTom10 reviews the books themselves, their excellent knowledge of the comic book market and book investing is what sets them apart. Have you ever needed advice on how best to protect your comics so you can invest in them? They have you covered. The channel is almost like a comic book version of stock and trading, and you’ll learn a lot about the comic book world with them by your side.

Investments in comics

If you only think of comic books as an investment, Comic Book Investments does exactly what it says on the tin. Although the focus is on the comics, the financial advice and discussions on the channel can also focus on things like buying a house, a car, or other major purchases in life. It’s always good to have someone who can explain concepts in simple terms.

Raymond T. Helms