7 Calming Nature-Based YouTube Channels for Meditation and Relaxation

Many people think they relax best in a natural setting, whether it’s a favorite park or a secluded lake. But when roaming idyllic hiking trails or a beachside retreat isn’t practical, bring a piece of the natural world to you. The best nature-based YouTube channels are the perfect backdrop for meditation practices — or just relaxing. Here’s what to watch the next time you need a soothing break from stress and anxiety.

Go birdwatching from anywhere with this livestream from Ithaca, New York. The calls of chickadees, woodpeckers and other species create a perfectly soothing background noise. Presented in dazzling 4K, the stream offers a detailed look at all the creatures visiting the Treman Bird Feeding Garden, located at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. (Yes, the occasional squirrel also makes an appearance.)

If you’re drawn to the world of birds, there’s a whole list of resources for identifying the different species that show up at Cornell FeederWatch Cam, courtesy of The Cornell Lab. With the advice of expert birders, you’ll soon be able to tell the difference between a common grackle and a pileated woodpecker.

Soft music accompanies stunning aerial footage of the Hawaiian Islands and their surrounding waters in the Homemade Espresso channel’s Flying Over Hawaii video. For nearly 4 hours, you can watch beaches, waves and rolling clouds fill the screen, making this a perfect video for anyone yearning for a little island getaway. The video also features footage of frangipani flowers in bloom, as well as a paraglider drifting in the breeze.


Even if living or working at the beach is not a possibility right now, you can still watch this video for relaxing waves and amazing scenery. And the Homemade Espresso channel also offers relaxing flyover videos of Greece, the Netherlands and other stunning destinations.

Watch sea nettles drift gently against their soft blue backdrop in this hypnotic and beautiful livestream and turn up the accompanying ambient music to fully enjoy the footage.

Part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Open Sea exhibit, these graceful creatures are sea nettles. Growing to 15 feet in length, these jellyfish have stinging cells along their tentacles, according to the Monterey Aquarium. Bay. So while you might not want to snuggle up to these creatures, they are fascinating to observe in their own element.

In addition to watching sea nettles, check out the following fascinating live streams on the aquarium’s YouTube channel:

  • Playful Sea Otters (YouTube)
  • Great Pacific Moon Jellies (YouTube)
  • Several varieties of sharks (YouTube)

The Monterey Bay Aquarium YouTube Channel is a wonderful aquatic getaway available anytime.

Admire the towering forests on a sunny day on this beautiful virtual hike by the 4K Relaxation Channel. With BC’s pristine nature on full display, it’s easy to get lost in these stunning images. You can really linger and look around in places, mimicking the pace of a real hike. Study the flowing streams, giant trees, and even variations along the trail itself as bright birdsong helps you sink deeper into the scene.

Anyone who enjoys virtual outdoor tours and similar experiences will enjoy the beautiful and soothing videos on this channel. It offers a little sunburn in all weathers.

The name of this channel gives you an idea of ​​what to expect. You can relax admiring the sights and sounds of nature, watching the soft snow fall on a river for hours or listening to the ocean waves crashing on the sand of a beach. If you want something soothing to watch while practicing audio meditation, for example, this scene is perfect.

Kris and Sean, the creators of the channel, describe the sounds of flowing water and the occasional wind recorded in a video as “natural white noise”, and that’s a perfect description. For a similar effect, check out the many white and ambient noise tracks on YouTube for more relaxing sounds. Play these videos in your headphones and enjoy a relaxing auditory escape anytime, no matter what’s going on in the world around you.

Enjoy majestic mountain scenes and plenty of wildflowers in stunning footage from BBC Earth Unplugged. Listen to the wind whipping in front of you as you admire the high snow-capped peaks and watch the moody play of clouds among the rocks. As you watch, keep an eye out for some well-camouflaged birds and other wildlife.

The rest of the BBC Earth channel offers amazing and intriguing nature videos, including the sights and sounds of deserts and grasslands.

See elephants, giraffes and more in live video from places like Tsavo East National Park. Covering an area of ​​13,747 square kilometres, the sprawling Tsavo East National Park is a protected area home to many large mammals, including lions, leopards, hippos and waterbucks.

Keep an eye out for baby elephants joining adults to drink water and other scenes of the world’s most exciting ecosystems. In Kenya live webcam you might spot some fascinating species of birds – there are up to 500 birds and feathered creatures popping up. This is the perfect video to watch if you just want to appreciate these animals in their home environment.

Does Watching Nature Videos Help Reduce Anxiety?

Feeling more at peace is a common response to watching nature-based videos. In fact, watching nature movies can decrease negative emotions and improve your overall mood, according to a 2020 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

This may help explain the popularity of Blue Planet II and similar programs. There is something irresistible and soothing in the images of this beautiful world. Additionally, nature-focused YouTube channels offer a nice alternative to social media content that can cause feelings of digital anxiety. Unlike some corners of the internet, these nature videos aim to help you feel calm, engaged, and peaceful.

Connect with nature on YouTube to unwind and relax

Whether you love mountains, beaches, or snowy coves, these nature YouTube channels offer relaxing sights for almost anyone. The next time you need a soothing mental break, or even some pleasant background noise, these relaxing YouTube videos set in nature are wonderful to have on hand.

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