7 movie YouTube channels to watch in 2022

If you ask someone what they did in the early 2000s and they say they’re a filmmaker, you’ve probably imagined a colossal video camera setup. But now the technology has advanced to such an extent that anyone with a smartphone can create amazing videos and inspire people around the world.

When you’re just starting out as a filmmaker or videographer, you’ll notice a steep learning curve, especially if you have no previous experience with a camera. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of free resources online to help you get started in the right direction.

YouTube is arguably the best place to learn how to become a filmmaker, and this article will identify seven of our favorite channels.

Screenshot from Matti Haapoja's YouTube channel

Matti Haapoja is a Finnish-Canadian YouTuber based in Toronto. He has over a million subscribers at the time of writing in March 2022, and his content ranges from vlogs to tips for capturing better images with your camera.

Haapoja also regularly reviews filming and photography equipment, along with tips to simplify the post-production process and achieve better results. It mainly uses Final Cut Pro, but you will also find videos for Adobe Premiere Pro.

When you watch Haapoja’s videos, you’ll quickly notice that he manages to balance being an artist with sharing fun-to-watch content. He is passionate about his craft, which gives him an extra layer of authenticity.


Screenshot showing a YouTube channel

Sébastien Jeffries is a YouTuber and content creator living in London, UK. His channel is one of our smallest entries, with just over 18,000 subscribers as of mid-March 2022, making Jeffries a somewhat hidden gem.

Jeffries has posted several helpful videography-related articles on his YouTube page, including tips for improving your lighting and content on using Premiere Pro more effectively.

In addition to its content on video editing and configurations, you will find several tips on creativity. Some of Jeffries’ other videos include creating better reels for Instagram and creating TikTok posts that drive engagement.

Screenshot from That Icelandic Guy YouTube channel

If you’ve read our article on the best photography YouTubers to subscribe to, you’ve already heard of That Icelandic Guy. Under the real name of Arnúlfur, he lives in Stockholm, Sweden. At the time of writing, That Icelandic Guy has over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Much of That Icelandic Guy’s content is about photography, but he’s been a videographer for a while; he previously had YouTube channels where he documented his life as a magician. He’s used that experience to provide helpful tutorials for producing better YouTube videos, along with several tips for improving your results with Premiere Pro.

This guy from Iceland talks a lot about the video editing process beyond the software alone, though. On his channel, you’ll find content on selecting music and sounds, as well as how you can confidently talk to a camera, and much more.

screenshot showing videos from a youtuber

Aidin Robbins is a filmmaker living in the United States. He has worked with several major brands, including Swiss outdoor clothing brand Mammut and Japanese electronics supplier Panasonic. His YouTube channel is quite large and over 250,000 people are already following his journey there.

Robbins’ videos have a distinct cinematic style, and he explains how he achieved this on his channel. You’ll also find content on creating more engaging visuals for social media, like dividing your reels into different sections in Premiere Pro. He also talks about other aspects of post-production, such as fixing footage that didn’t go as planned.

Along with the technological aspects of filmmaking, Robbins has plenty of videos on improving your filmmaking in general, such as choosing better locations.

Screenshot from Edward Lee's YouTube channel

Edward Lee is a filmmaker living in Seattle, Washington. He has a solid creative background, having done a lot of photography in the past. Before embarking full-time on his creative business, Lee also worked as a social media manager for Rhino Camera Gear.

By mid-March 2022, Lee was approaching 50,000 YouTube subscribers. Her channel aims to help creatives get better at their craft; If we look at his videos from a tech-related filmmaking perspective, you’ll find tips for digital minimalism and reviews for different camera gear.

On Lee’s channel, you can also find plenty of videos where he shows you around his workspace and explains how he keeps things decluttered. Away from YouTube, he adds extra value by interviewing fellow creatives on the MIDCONVO podcast.

Screenshot from Teppo Haapoja's YouTube channel

Teppo Haapoja is Matti’s brother and lives in Finland. As of this writing, he has nearly 80,000 subscribers.

Haapoja has several videos that will help you improve your moviemaking and make better decisions when buying new equipment. Her channel offers camera and lens reviews, as well as tips for starting a YouTube channel and tips for building a profitable and sustainable creative business.

Haapoja also has numerous vlogs documenting her road trips, as well as content that highlights important talking points for creators, like avoiding burnout.

Screenshot of the movie booth YouTube channel

Film Booth, a content creator living in the UK, completes our list of movie YouTube channels. It has over 130,000 subscribers and its content focuses almost exclusively on growing a YouTube channel, with a huge catalog of tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Film Booth videos focus on improving viewership, as well as increasing subscribers and retention. He talks about producing better long-form content, in addition to identifying how you can use the YouTube Shorts feature to your maximum advantage.

Film Booth also has a few videos related to editing your content and engaging your audience. You’ll also discover tips and tricks from creators with significant experience in the field, which you can then learn and apply to your own channel.

There’s a lot of movie inspiration on YouTube

Cinema has become more accessible than ever. Almost anyone can become a great cameraman without needing to get a degree, and if you’re particularly interested in turning your passion into something else, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

The YouTube channels we have listed in this article offer a diverse range of valuable content that will allow you to edit better and capture more interesting footage. You will not only become better at your craft, but also more efficient in your workflow.

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