7 YouTube Channels for Low-Impact Workouts That Won’t Bore Your Neighbors

Home workouts offer a convenient way to stay in shape. However, exercise routines with lots of jumping aren’t always the best option for people who live near other people or those who suffer from knee and other joint pain. To get in shape without annoying your neighbors, these apartment-friendly low-impact workouts will still get you sweating.


Fitness trainer Jibby shares many home and gym workouts on his popular channel. Jibby’s helpful demonstrations, combined with upbeat music and step-by-step instructions, make this channel a fantastic YouTube fitness destination.

30 Minute No Jump Low Impact Beginner HIIT Workout

A workout without any jumping or repeated exercises is always an amazing way to get your heart rate up. After the warm-up, you will do lots of arm exercises, half plank arm rows, side lunges and many other quick exercises. Jibby clearly demonstrates each exercise and offers helpful tips throughout the video.

30 minute HIIT cardio workout

Fun moves like the can-can, along with classics like burpees and lunges, keep this workout interesting. The more intense moves also include modifications that don’t include jumping, so you can enjoy a low-impact workout as well. Jibby offers encouragement along the way to keep you motivated.

Follow Coach Kozak and Claudia as they bring the personal trainer experience to YouTube. Their solid library of videos offers something for just about everyone’s fitness goals.

20-Minute Beginner Low-Impact HIIT Cardio Without Jumping at Home

Coach Kozak demonstrates the standard moves and Claudia makes the low-impact modifications for this energetic workout, making it easy to see how to do either at any time. Punches, lunges, curls, and kicks are all part of this routine. They also explain each exercise in detail, so you know how to perform the moves perfectly.

Low impact total body cardio workout at home for beginners

This 30-minute workout requires no equipment. You’ll walk in place, do split squats, and even ballistic push-ups. Again, many modifications make the workout adaptable to almost anyone. Plus, the friendly chat between Coach Kozak and Claudia keeps you motivated to complete the workout.

If you like these routines, the best aerobic training apps will also suit you. With these, you can get a great cardio workout anytime.

The TIFF x DAN YouTube channel features HIIT workouts, abs routines, and just about every other type of workout. If you’re looking for serious fitness content that also has low impact, this channel is worth checking out.

30 min low impact SWEATY HIIT workout

With exercises for your lower body, upper body, abs, and total body, this apartment-friendly workout will have you sweating in just a few moves. Track every timed exercise for a routine that proves low impact exercises can still get you going.

Low impact HIIT workout with weights

Add a few sets of dumbbells to your routine for a low-impact workout that Dan calls “brutal.” You’ll do squat presses, lunges and more in this brief but effective routine.

For even more strength training content, check out the best weightlifting apps, including Strong and FitOn. These offer many ways to support your weightlifting goals.

Filled with fun and upbeat exercise routines, Tiffany Rothe’s channel features a huge selection of 10-minute workouts and more fitness content. Boxing routines, HIIT, and arm workouts are just a few of the routines you’ll find here.

10 Minute Low Impact Fat Burner with Tiffany Rothe

This video proves that a low impact workout can still be high energy. Use a yoga mat to help you work out your abs and arms in this challenging and vigorous routine. Rothe’s positive and encouraging energy will get you going right away.

Low Impact Butt Sculpting Workout with Tiffany Rothe!

This sculpting routine is a bit slower, but you’ll definitely get some abdominal work and stretching. You can wake up your muscles while following Rothe’s lead and keeping the impact level low.

Workout routines, challenges and more fitness content make up Oliver Sjostrom’s channel. It features everything from jump rope workouts to dumbbell routines, plus a full playlist of low-impact workouts.

25 Minute Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Sjostrom demonstrates how low impact training can still be high intensity with this routine. You’ll go through 22 different exercises during the video, doing everything from crunches to lunge kicks.

30 min full body HIIT workout without jumping

With no jumps or reps, this workout will get you going right away. Squats, Superman pushups, and planks with leg lifts are just a few of the many exercises in this energetic routine.

Longtime fitness trainer Kayla Itsines creates engaging videos that offer plenty of explanations and demonstrations for each exercise. Whether you’re a pro or someone just starting out, chances are you’ll be looking for helpful tips in Itsines video library.

Fast low impact cardio workout

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll be performing lots of squats, crunches, mountain climbers, lunges, and more. Itsines’ encouragement and good humor help the training soar.

Five Low-Impact Cardio Exercises

Get a quick overview of some useful exercises in this video, including side lunges and the bear crawl. It’s a quick way to add some low impact moves to your repertoire.

A certified personal trainer, Heather Robertson also runs a hugely popular YouTube channel filled with free full body workouts. Whatever your fitness goals, Robertson’s video challenges, programs and plans can help you achieve it.

Low impact no reps Total Body HIIT

Get a full body workout, including dumbbell action, in this 43-minute workout. Because none of the exercises are repeated, you will be able to enjoy a variety of movements throughout the routine.

Low impact HIIT workout (with weights)

If you have weights available, you can use two low-impact HIIT circuits in this dynamic workout routine. After a quick warm-up, you’ll move on to skull crusher crunches, cross punches, deadlifts, and more. This dumbbell set adds a little extra resistance to every set.

Try Low-Impact Exercise Routines From YouTube Fitness Pros

Improve your fitness while satisfying your neighbors with these low-impact workouts from YouTube. Featuring engaging and challenging routines from some of the site’s top fitness creators, these videos will have you one step closer to your workout goals in no time.

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