7 YouTube Channels to Watch Scary Movies (Legally)

Whenever you’re craving a horror movie, finding the right one can be a challenge. Sure, all the usual suspects are helpful, but their creepy picks are often underwhelming.

So where do you go if you’re bored of Netflix’s horror section, having seen most of the movies and having no interest in seeing the rest?

Amazon Prime Video has an extensive library, but most of the features may cost you and increase the price. So a great alternative is YouTube. The platform has many channels offering free and legal horror. Let’s look at some of them.

Kings of Horror offers a glimpse into the world of indie horror. The channel fosters a community of filmmakers and hardened horror fans who enjoy visiting some of the spookiest corners of the internet.

You can find a full list of trailers and feature films on this YouTube channel. There are also often upcoming events scheduled for horror movies, giving you something to look forward to and letting you turn it into a big thing. So you can host a movie premiere party, start a virtual viewing party with friends, and enjoy indie horror together.

Kings of Horror features fully legally licensed features, so you are free to enjoy the content guilt-free.

Popcornflix is ​​a fairly well-known movie channel on YouTube and beyond. It also offers a streaming platform and an application.

Although Popcornflix doesn’t explicitly focus on horror movies, you can definitely find some spooky features by browsing through its list. The YouTube channel has a wide selection of TV shows and feature films in every genre imaginable, and content is uploaded frequently enough to keep the selection fresh.

Popcornflix’s channel offers licensed content, making it one of the best YouTube channels to watch free movies and shows legally.

The Horror Central channel is one of the best places to watch horror movies online. It offers a ton of comprehensive features and downloads regularly, so you’re unlikely to miss any horror movies.

The playlist section is great and comes in really handy if you’re feeling up to it and craving a specific horror trope or subgenre. For example, there is a separate playlist called Shark Attacks.

Once you hit play, you can relax and enjoy the list of movies where sharks are the big bad guys. It starts with Sharknado, of course, the most rustic of camp horror, but a classic nonetheless. After all, what’s wrong with visiting sites to get your cheesy horror fix once in a while? Everything Horror Central lists is legally licensed, so you’re free to consume its scotch-free content.

Watch movies now! curates horror, thriller, and sci-fi films for its slate. You can find features ranging from half an hour to an hour and a half. And the videos are quite prolific in their genre.

Watch movies now! features everything from your typical slasher flick to alien horror, found footage, ghostly terror, and more. The channel uploads different scary movies and videos quite regularly, so you will never run out of content to watch. Moreover, everything you see on the YouTube channel is legal.

V Horror offers a variety of horror movies of varying length. Most movies are around an hour and a half long but are scattered all over the place, but you will find shorter content as well.

The channel’s playlist section isn’t the best, but it still has a curated playlist of 4k movies, as well as a playlist that hosts all the movies you can watch in English, which will help you come up with what you want. then you have to look.

Everything featured on the V Horror YouTube channel is legal, so dive in and explore. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite indie horror.

FilmIsNow Horror Movies offers a huge selection of horror in every style you can imagine, preferring to eschew blockbuster films in favor of the back-to-basics genre. The channel offers everything from feature films to short films, so you’ll find something you’ll enjoy with just a few clicks.

Browsing through FilmIsNow horror movies, you can see a ton of ready-made playlists to browse through. There are separate playlists to suit all your moods. You can find Evil Toy, Anthologies, Clowns, Vampires, and Found Footage playlists. Whatever your specific mood, you’ll likely find a playlist to match it.

The YouTube channel regularly uploads new content, so you are unlikely to miss new features to see.

Movie Central doesn’t just stick to horror with its features, but offers a wide range of movie genres. However, its playlist section is expertly curated, so if you fancy watching only horror movies, you’ll find them easily. Granted, you might not find as many scary movies here as on other channels, but it’s still a solid option if you don’t want to pay for horror streaming services like Shudder or Screambox.

The YouTube channel has a Halloween playlist with over 200 movies on it. And, if you prefer something more specific, you can check out virus outbreaks or monster movies. There are also explicit horror and thriller playlists that you can browse.

The channel uploads frequently and movies tend to be around an hour and a half long. Of course, everything on Movie Central is legally licensed, so be careful.

Change your horror from a visual experience to an auditory experience

Horror movies are sometimes just what the doctor ordered. However, if you’re looking to change up your horror routine and spice it up, why not try a spooky new podcast? Instead of watching the horror, why not listen to it?

Put on your headphones, set the mood, and let your imagination run wild as you hear about haunted places, paranormal occurrences, and spooky fiction based on real-life stories. Find the right podcast to feed your fears and give in to the weirdness.

Streaming services aren’t going anywhere, so why not try something new and listen to a horror podcast afterwards?

Raymond T. Helms