8 Best Football YouTube Channels

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Passionate football fans can look for ways to relive their favorite football moments through digital platforms and YouTube is their favourite. Other than that, the channels provide up-to-date information about your football icons which keeps you hooked.

However, searching through dozens of channels can sometimes be tiring and can make you lose interest. To alleviate this problem, let’s take a detailed look at some of the best football YouTube channels that regularly post videos to appease your football cravings! Stay tuned for more!

  1. ESPN-FC

Looking for information on all the major football leagues in the world? Then your destination of choice should be the ESPN FC channel which has over a million subscribers. Moreover, you can listen to your football stars give special interviews on this channel and all the videos are quickly uploaded after every important game.

Many subscribers flood the channel more than any other famous sport in the world, thus showing the dominance of this channel on the YouTube platform as well.

  1. UEFA Television

European football fans can follow this channel for all the latest news on the Champions League, Europa League and many other European leagues. This channel is exclusive for all international tournaments and the coverage here is extensive, never missing an important event in football history.

Check out all the highlights and awards ceremonies of your beloved teams and players here.

  1. football

While there are countless channels on YouTube that share match highlights and player interviews, this channel has a unique way of looking at the game.

On that note, their videos explain all the details a football fanatic might need to know about the technical aspects of the game. Most of them are informative but brilliantly covered to reach even non-football followers.

Although it may seem unique, this channel has more than a million subscribers to our surprise.

  1. F2 Freestylers

Want to include prank videos in your football watch list? The F2 Freestylers have gone all out to make videos differently with a touch of humor included. You can see the team in this channel perform impossible kicks and play football on weird surfaces that tend to get a lot of attention.

  1. FIFA Channel

Who is better placed to talk about football and give credible information rather than the biggest federation itself? Tune in to the FIFA channel for unrivaled information on FIFA tournaments in both men’s and women’s formats.

Plus, you can watch vintage videos with choices featuring the best lenses and other exciting topics. With over 11.3 million subscribers, the FIFA channel is undoubtedly one of the most followed football YouTube channels.

If you want to watch full FIFA matches, then Firesticktricks has some of the best lag-free sports streaming sites covered.

  1. The Red Men’s Television

Liverpool fans can give their presence to this channel as they make videos that cover the Liverpool club to the maximum. In addition, all fans know the latest information and details about this exemplary club, and you will not miss any action that surrounds this team when they are in action.

Sometimes matches are streamed live and can interact with other Liverpool fans through this channel to show your fanaticism.

  1. FCBarcelona

Another club-focused YouTube channel is FC Barcelona, ​​where at least 13.1 million subscribers search for player info, pre-match briefings, match updates, match reviews and more. live workouts. These become a delight for many Barca fans, and most of the videos are timely and crisp to watch.

  1. the league

Who wouldn’t want information about the Spanish teams that have dominated the world of football for a long time? Tune into the La Liga channel to catch all the latest club news.

Moreover, the best feature of this channel is match highlights which show the most crucial moments of a match. Subscribe to this channel soon to never miss an exciting update.

Final Thoughts

Football is one of the most watched sports in the world. As YouTube once again broadcasts videos through which we enjoy match moments, press conferences, match reviews and player interviews, a list that gives the best channels saves time!

So, use this guide in your favor and lock those most watched channels to enjoy the best of football.

Raymond T. Helms