8 Best YouTube Videos for a Great Stability Ball Workout

Should you use a stability ball in your workouts? Yes, you absolutely should, because a stability ball brings so many benefits. Some of the best benefits include stronger core muscles, improved flexibility, and better posture.

It can be difficult at first to learn how to balance properly, but once you find your rhythm, you’ll find that stability balls are fun and easy to use.

If you want to improve your exercise routine, try these free classes on YouTube. Throughout the week, you’ll target different parts of the body, culminating in a full-body stability ball workout.

Dust off your stability ball and start day one by targeting the chest. This exercise routine progresses from effective beginner workouts to advanced workouts and includes eight stability ball exercises.

Exercises for beginners are relatively easy to perform and include moves such as ball wall push-ups and ball knee push-ups. However, the movements become more complex, culminating in advanced exercises like plyo pushups.

If you’re interested in more stability ball workouts, head over to the Fit Gent YouTube channel. Here you will find a selection of simple and easy to follow workout videos.

Next, we have a great stability ball workout for your arms. The entire class lasts just over 25 minutes and is led by instructor Christina Dorner of the CDornerFitness YouTube channel.


The arm workout class starts with a quick warm-up, then progresses to 45 seconds of work for each exercise. Some exercises incorporated are circle planks, ball push-ups, and tricep presses. Christina explains each activity as you go along for those who don’t know how to perform each move.

Do you want strong, toned muscles throughout your body? If so, check out Christina’s other workout videos on her channel.

You can use a stability ball to train several different muscle groups. You will target the legs, glutes and inner thighs in this workout class.

This class is a great choice if you tend to neglect your lower body. The exercise routine is quite simple and you can do it at home in just a few minutes. That being said, Natalie goes over a few variations of the video if you want to make the moves more difficult.

You have the option to watch more stability ball videos as well as bodyweight workouts on the Natalie Jill Fitness YouTube channel.

Day four is all about targeting the core, especially the abs. Due to the unstable nature of a stability ball, your muscles are working overtime, resulting in a severe burn.

Heather’s exercise class consists of 40 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Prayer crunches, knee strikes, and hip raises are some of the moves you’ll do with your stability ball.

An intense 30 minute workout like this will burn calories and get your heart rate up. The class ends with a satisfying cool down and stretching to complete your abdominal workout.

To add more workouts to your exercise routine, visit Heather Robertson’s YouTube channel. Additionally, his channel has several great playlists that target different muscle groups.

Now is the time to focus on working your back muscles. Performing back exercises helps strengthen the core, relieve stiffness and improve posture. In addition, these exercises can help you if you suffer from back pain.

Samantha walks you through a simple lower back stability ball routine, complete with leg lifts, back extensions, and a straight leg bridge. The workout is short and sweet at just 10 minutes making it ideal for those days when you don’t have the energy or time to workout.

Additionally, the Herbalife Nutrition YouTube channel has many different fitness playlists if you are looking for more exercise classes.

This comprehensive 30-minute workout is a great choice for those who don’t want to include a stability ball class every day, but still want to make good use of it.

Incorporate this at-home stability ball workout into your regular exercise routine, and you’ll feel the burn throughout your upper body, lower body, and core!

The routine includes two sets of 15 exercises that consist of 40 seconds of walking and 20 seconds of rest. Once you complete a round, it repeats, resulting in an intense and explosive workout. If you liked this video, you can check out the rest of the workout classes on Caroline’s channel.

Whether before or after exercise, stretching is key to maintaining muscle strength, improving blood circulation health, and improving flexibility. Stretching can also prevent injury during exercise.

So why not use your stability ball to stretch your whole body before and after your workout routine? You can follow Mor in this gentle stretching class; it only takes 15 minutes to feel the difference.

In addition to stability ball workouts, the channel offers other exercise classes for different fitness levels. So you will find a video that suits you, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Yoga can be an effective way to release tension, relax and refocus, but did you know that you can also perform a yoga session on a stability ball? Candace’s video is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing beginner yoga workout that only takes 20 minutes a day.

Beginners and those who simply enjoy yoga will benefit from this sequence. Once you complete this stability ball session, you may find that it was exactly what your body needed.

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel if you’re interested in yoga, meditation, or a quick HIIT workout.

Useful stability ball workout classes to enhance your exercise routine

If you need to add one piece of exercise equipment to your weekly workout routine, it should be a stability ball. One of the main reasons for this is that you can use a stability ball to target every muscle group in your body.

So while you can use a stability ball to strengthen your abs, you can also use it to exercise your arms or do some simple stretches. If you want to get a great stability ball workout for free, consider incorporating these YouTube classes into your workout routine.

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