Best Educational YouTube Channels for Students: Top 10

Top 10 best educational YouTube channels: With the advent of technology, learning has become easier, faster and more efficient, and one adaptive way to learn is to learn online via YouTube. YouTube is a social media platform where users upload, store, share and watch videos. Over time, YouTube has proven to be a unique learning platform because most people tend to learn best by watching videos rather than listening to audio or reading textbooks, and YouTube through the various channels of its platform offers excellent educational videos and materials that will facilitate your learning. .

Some of these YouTube channels have established themselves over the years as a great educational center, offering great content and garnering thousands of subscribers and millions of views for their magnificent content. This article must, on this basis, consider ten well-established educational YouTube channels.

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Top 10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Learning and Discovery

1. Crash course: Crash Course is a high quality educational YouTube channel created by John Green and Hank Green Launched in 2011. This YouTube channel specializes in teaching computer science, film history, sociology, physics, from Philosophy, Government, Economics, Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Literature, History, and more randomly Politics.

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Best Educational YouTube Channels to Watch in 2022

On this channel, there are different teachers on each of the above courses and these teachers are very good at what they teach, go straight to the point and impart valuable teaching knowledge in their videos.

These videos are not only educational, but also fun, quick, and complement what you may have learned in class. The efficiency and reliability of Crash Course’s YouTube content has earned it 13.5 million subscribers and billions of views across its 1,400 videos uploaded so far. Crash Course remains one of the best educational channels on YouTube and you will definitely enjoy every part of its content.

2. Gray CGP: Central Time Grand Platform, also known as CPG Gray, is the YouTube channel of CGP Gray, an Irish American YouTuber and Podcaster who primarily designed this channel to provide inane knowledge to viewers in areas such as philosophy, science, history, politics and technology.

Best YouTube Channels for General Knowledge

Best YouTube Channels for General Knowledge

This channel has excelled in providing educational, scintillating, and informative content on these fields, earning it more than 4.3 million subscribers.

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3. Khan Academy: Khan Academy is an excellent educational center that offers free online courses with certificates on its diverse range of online courses, and it continues to spread its tentacles of impactful knowledge through its YouTube channel.

Adult Educational YouTube Channels

Adult Educational YouTube Channels

This “Khan Academy” YouTube channel provides global access to learning in areas such as: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Arts, Science, Economics, Computer Science, Humanities and Government . The channel currently has 8,000 video downloads on these areas and 7.3 million subscribers.

4. Ted-ed: Technology, Entertainment, Design, otherwise known as Ted, is a popular platform that aims to spread great ideas and is the brain behind TED conferences that are usually held in various countries around the world.

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids and Teens

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids and Teens

Ted also has a YouTube channel which serves as a good educational resource center for students as well as teachers because through this channel he provides educational videos on health, history, student curriculum, personal stories, games, literature, life advice, etc. After.

Ted is a multi-award winning educational platform with over 250,000 teachers worldwide and his wonderful educational content on his YouTube channel has earned him 16.9 million subscribers and counting.

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5. Kurzgesast: Kurzgesast is a German-owned YouTube channel founded by Philip Dettmer in 2013, and has been providing great science content ever since, which is a big part of why it’s currently one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world with 18.6 million subscribers and billions of views. on his hundreds of uploaded videos around areas such as science fiction, technology, philosophy, and psychological study areas.

YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter” data-image-description=”

YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

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YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

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YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

This YouTube channel will also teach you about concepts like evolution and space, and it makes science learning easier and more beautiful with its animated educational content.

6. History: The YouTube History Channel is the world’s number one history YouTube channel. It therefore ranks among the most educational YouTube channels as it will teach you about the history of various things that you have never known.

Educational YouTube channels on learning, discovery and educational videos

Educational YouTube channels on learning, discovery and educational videos

This channel uses historical stories and world-class documentaries to broadcast content on its specialty areas, including animals, ancient recipes, historical events and entertaining documentaries.

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7. Smarter everyday: Smarter Everyday is a YouTube channel founded by Wilson Sandlin; an American science communicator and engineer in 2007, to make each of us smarter every day through educational content on science, nature, innovation, technology, scientific explorations, discoveries, physics and more which will bring you great knowledge, especially if your field of study at school goes in this direction or if you have a particular interest in science and discovery.

Is there a YouTube for education?

Is there a YouTube for education?

Watching some of the uploads on this YouTube channel, you will be sure to learn a lot. These educational contents on this channel have definitely kept its 10.4 million plus subscribers hooked on this channel.

8. Easy languages: As a student wishing to study abroad, it is important that you learn the language of the desired country of study. An easy way to learn their language and other new languages ​​online is to use the Easy Languages ​​YouTube channel which will teach you new languages. through authentic street interviews and educational content in this regard.

Which educational channel has the most subscribers on YouTube?

Which educational channel has the most subscribers on YouTube?

The Easy Languages ​​YouTube channel will definitely not only teach you new languages ​​but also educate you about the culture of other countries around the world.

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9. School of self-publishing: Writing is a very essential skill, especially for courses related to art students or young people who intend to pursue a career in writing, and although there are a good number of YouTube channels that will help you improve your writing skills, a talking YouTube channel is School of Self-Publishing founded by Chandler Boch; author of six bestselling books.

This YouTube channel will teach you about writing, how to improve your writing, fictional writing tips, writing prompts, writing software, writing business, book ideas, publishing best-selling books and marketing strategies for a writer.
So it’s definitely a really good educational channel for a writer.

10. As soon as possibleSCIENCE: AsapSCIENCE founded by Canadian YouTubers Greg and Mitchell is currently one of the top science YouTube channels and also ranks in providing educational content as it gives scientific explanations to difficult areas of science.

This channel also uses illustrations, simple scientific methods, and animated web servers to discuss topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, and other scientific fields.

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In conclusion, when it comes to the thousands of educational YouTube channels that you can see online, these 10 above mentioned are the best with their impact on more people and their expertise in the considered fields of study, there are many other educational YouTube channels. that will excite and impact you too and it is important that you check it out as well.

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