Best WWE YouTube Channels for Punters and Fans to Watch

Betting on WWE events is unlike any other sport due to the nature of professional wrestling. The results are scripted and the organization’s writers decide what will happen in each game.

You should follow the latest developments to get clues about each scenario. You can’t ignore social media; YouTube is one of the main sources of information.

The problem is that you can find countless channels; some are not so exciting. This article can help you filter only the best WWE YouTube channels for punters and fans.

They provide updates, news and other important information that you can use when betting on the best WWE betting apps.

Official WWE YouTube Channel

The best place to start is the official WWE YouTube channel. He has over 80 million subscribers, and for good reason.

You can find full matches from the past, highlights from recent events, behind-the-scenes videos and even unique promotional content not available elsewhere.

This last part makes it one of the best YouTube channels for WWE betting. You can find many signs indicating where a particular quarrel might be heading.

The organization regularly releases lots of videos and you can also enjoy all-time classics from the early days of the promotion.

It’s the perfect blend of past and present that could serve as a key resource in your betting preparations or simply as a channel that brings you additional WWE entertainment.

If I was leading any rankings, it’s safe to say this would become WWE’s top YouTube channel.

WhatCulture Fight

You can find WhatCulture YouTube channels focusing on various topics, and they are all very popular. The company’s wrestling channel is no exception, offering a constant stream of exciting content on the subject.

Most of the videos relate to WWE as the biggest promotion, but other organizations are also covered.

You can enjoy all kinds of entertaining releases, including live streams, behind-the-scenes interviews, breakdowns of big shows, and more. Take a look at this analysis of WWE SummerSlam 2021, for example.

Obviously guys love wrestling and you can improve your understanding of the sport if you watch them too. And like most WhatCulture channels, the videos are entertaining for all fans.

wrestling center

A great combination channel that has all kinds of useful information about WWE and other top wrestling brands. Here’s what Wrestling Hub offers frequently.

  • New – You will find videos relating all the essential news of the world of wrestling.
  • Rumors – This is a great place if you want unconfirmed and sometimes explosive speculation early on. Wrestling Hub understands the rumors, often enough to make their videos of this type worth watching.
  • Reactions – You can enjoy reactions to major events in the wrestling world, mostly related to WWE.
  • Vlogs – From time to time, Wrestling Hub offers videos in which certain people behind the project share their detailed opinions on current topics.

That’s just a tiny fraction of what this chain brings to the table. You can use it as a source of information that can be useful for WWE betting or just pure entertainment.


This UK channel is one of the best WWE YouTube channels because it’s a great place for rumors and speculation. The creators of WrestleTalk often come up with interesting theories that later come true, making it one of the best YouTube channels for WWE bettors.

After all, betting on pro wrestling is all about figuring out where the storylines are going, and that’s what a lot of WrestleTalk videos are about.

They are also fun to watch and you can find information about other promotions. WWE remains the primary focus, and most of the content is for that organization’s brands.

Unlimited Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Unlimited is a smaller channel that deserves a lot more attention from WWE fans and punters.

The creators behind post regular videos, and many of them are related to the latest feuds. You can enjoy WWE event previews, as well as odds analysis.

This is in addition to more casual videos with interesting compilations, trivia, news and more. The channel is definitely worth your time both as a fan and as a punter.


Any wrestling channel with over a million YouTube subscribers must be doing something right. Wrestlelamia is a great example of content delivered by true fans of the sport.

You can expect lots of factual videos with news, interviews, promotional material and everything important.

At the same time, it’s one of the best YouTube channels for WWE catches and rosters. Some of the compilations are outrageous and nothing like other content creators. Wrestlelamia is daring and entertaining.

C Fight

I don’t know how C Wrestling has less than 50,000 subscribers as I work on this post. The channel regularly offers an excellent mix of reports and original ideas.

I like that a good portion of the videos are plausible storylines for ongoing WWE feuds. They could help you prepare your bets with ideas of where a certain scenario might go.

This type of content makes C Wrestling one of the best YouTube channels for WWE punters to watch.

More YouTube Channels for WWE Fans

The best WWE YouTube channels featured so far are all excellent. Many of them serve a dual purpose as they are both fun to watch and offer helpful videos that can improve your wrestling bets.

Several content creators deserve honorable mention, so I decided to include them in my article.

  • Wrestling Bios – If you want to know more about the history of WWE and the career paths of major wrestling stars, this channel can answer you. It’s not very useful from a betting point of view, but I’m sure all fans will appreciate it.
  • Wrestling with Wregret – One of WWE’s most original YouTube channels features all kinds of weird and fascinating stories from the world of professional wrestling.
  • WrestlingNewsNow – A proper channel that mainly deals with WWE news and rumors. They’re not very good at filtering credible speculation from ridiculous speculation, which is why they only get an honorable mention.
  • Bevelock – This channel was launched in 2021 and offers videos with interesting editing and graphics. The potential is there, and I think Bevelock will grow quickly.
  • Fight death! – I like this channel because it offers well thought out WWE predictions. And yet, the creators don’t post too often, so an honorable mention is all I can give them at this point.

I think the top WWE YouTube channels above have the potential to become some of the best resources available, so I will continue to follow them.

Undeniably, these are some of the best YouTube channels for anyone who also wants to bet on WWE matches.

If you have your own suggestions for cool YouTube channels for punters and WWE fans to watch, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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