Blackpink Becomes #1 Subscribed YouTube Artist As Lisa’s ‘Lalisa’ Sweeps The Charts

Looks like September 10 is quite a hectic day for Blinks and Lilies. Blackpink’s Lisa finally made her solo debut with the commercial hit “Lalisa.” Fans were eager to see what she would become and the Thai-born heartthrob didn’t disappoint with the hip-hop single and glam music video. And then we got reports that along with the “Lalisa” charts, Blackpink as a whole also broke a record on YouTube.

Last month, Forbes combed the K-pop side of Youtube and released a list of the most influential and highest-earning K-pop groups. Blackpink was the second-highest K-pop group and the highest-ranking K-pop girl group on the list. They had 64.6 million YouTube subscribers and 19.2 billion views as of August 31, which was more than the No. 1 K-pop act. And with 372 videos, Blackpink earned around 13.5 billion won ($11.6 million). Now, Blackpink is the most subscribed artist on YouTube.

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Blackpink becomes the #1 subscribed artist on YouTube

On September 10, YouTube reported that Blackpink’s channel had $65.2 million, overtaking Justin Bieber’s channel which had previously held the position of most subscribed YouTube artist with 65.1 million subscribers. And after four hours of reports, Blackpink’s subscriber count rose to 65.3 million. Note that if Justin Bieber made his channel in 2007, Blackpink opened theirs in 2016, which makes it an even more impressive feat.

Lisa in ‘Lalisa’ (Blackpink/YouTube)

‘Lalisa’ sweeps the charts

With Blackpink, Lisa’s solo debut attracted a lot of attention. Even before its release, ‘Lalisa’ broke the record for the most pre-orders by a K-pop female soloist with 800,000 pre-orders. Lisa is also the third female soloist to exceed 200,000 sales after members of her group Rosé and IU. And although it’s only been a few hours since its release, “Lalisa” holds the highest first-day sales record for a K-pop female soloist with 312,000 copies. The lead single, along with the B-side track “Money”, topped iTunes worldwide.

With “Lalisa” charting at #4 on iTunes US, the single topped iTunes in 39 countries. “Lalisa” and “Money” also hold the top two spots on the US iTunes Kpop Songs chart. The single is also doing well on the massive Korean charts as it topped Bugs, made Genie’s top 30 and entered MelOn. Moreover, the music video for ‘Lalisa’ currently has 33 million views and is the first fastest music video to reach 10 million views in just 90 minutes after its release and 20 million. It is also the fastest music video by a female soloist to reach 10 million, 20 million and 30 million views.

Watch the music video for ‘Lalisa’ below.

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Raymond T. Helms