Copenhagen shooting suspect uploaded YouTube videos of himself holding guns the day before the mall attack | Scientific and technical news

The day before the shooting at a Copenhagen shopping mall, a man believed to be the 22-year-old suspect arrested by Danish police uploaded several videos to YouTube.

Three of those videos shared the same title of “I don’t care” and featured the man pointing a shotgun and pistol at his own head.

In the description field of one of the videos, the uploader wrote “Quetiapine does not work” referring to an antipsychotic drug licensed in Denmark to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression.

On Monday, Copenhagen police said a man accused of shooting had been remanded to a psychiatric ward for 24 days by the city court.

Photos of the shooter at the mall matched clothing worn by the suspect on YouTube, including a sleeveless vest and khaki cargo shorts.

The man does not speak during the videos, but poses in various positions pointing the shotgun at his own head while showing that he is pulling the trigger.

These videos and the suspect’s channel have now been removed from Youtube for what the platform said were violations of its community guidelines.

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A spokesperson told Sky News: “Our thoughts are with the victims of this terrible tragedy in Copenhagen.

“Following the heinous attack, our trust and safety teams identified and quickly removed the non-compliant content, in accordance with our community guidelines.

“We continue to monitor the situation and work in cooperation with the authorities,” they added.

Sky News was able to watch the videos and save them following the shooting before they were deleted.

Danish police say there are there is no indication Sunday’s shooting was terrorism-related and that they believe the shooter most likely acted alone and chose his victims at random.

Three people died and several others were injured, four of them seriously.

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A shooter opens fire in a shopping center

At a Monday morning press conference, Copenhagen Chief Inspector Soren Thomassen said one of the three killed was a Russian citizen living in Denmarkwhile two Swedes and two Danes were seriously injured.

Mr Thomassen said the suspect would be arraigned later Monday on preliminary charges of murder.

Police were called at 5.37pm and 11 minutes later had arrested the suspect, a 22-year-old man described as an “ethnic Dane” – meaning he was white and from Denmark.

The incident happened at the Fields shopping center in the south of Copenhagen.

Footage shows the suspected shooter wearing a vest or sleeveless shirt and holding what appeared to be a gun.

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When the shooter was arrested

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the country had been hit by a “cruel attack”.

“It’s incomprehensible. Heartbreaking. Needless,” she said.

“Our beautiful and usually so safe capital was changed in a split second.”

It was Denmark’s worst gun attack since February 2015, when a 22-year-old man was killed in a shootout with police after go wild in the capital which left two dead and five police officers injured.

Raymond T. Helms