Crazy about desserts? Subscribe to these baking Youtube channels

If you find something magical about turning simple kitchen ingredients into beautiful desserts, this article is for you. These best baking Youtube channels do what they do best and give baking enthusiasts important baking insights.

Yes, we love stand-alone recipes too. But watching the process of baking a cake from scratch unfold and turn into a full-fledged cake is so satisfying. Whether you’re a professional baker or a hobbyist, YouTube is the holy grail for all baking fixes, tips, and tricks. Bookmark these popular baking YouTube channels to turn your kitchen into your own personalized bakery.

Best Baking Youtube Channels to Follow

Nigelle Lawson

Filled with recipes, updates, tips, advice, books and products, Nigella Lawson’s channel is a delight for all bakers, beginners and pros alike! Lawson is an English food writer and cook, who has her own channel and also appears quite often on the BBC with her unique recipes. With a Guild of Food Writers award and best-selling cookbooks, her YouTube channel is known for her flirtatious way of presenting.

Reynold Poernomo

One of the best baking Youtube channels to follow, this genius from MasterChef Australia has a knack with desserts, which we all know. While his clever ready-to-eat meals won over the show’s judges, his YouTube channel does the same to us! On his channel, Reynold shares his expertise and guides his subscribers with accessible and achievable recipes. But if you’re looking for more challenging recipes, you know it won’t disappoint either.

Cook in Shivesh

One of the top Indian bakers on YouTube, Shivesh Bhatia is a godsend for all things baking. Not only does he share amazing recipes, but his tips and advice and how-to videos are a baking institute in their own right. In fact, it will even tell you how to cook with a microwave and oven. This is the perfect chain for beginners.


The OG of all baked goods, BBC is a heritage all its own. Although it features tons of cooking recipes from celebrity chefs around the world, BBC cooking recipes deserve a separate article. And that’s why we’re here. From amateur recipes to hardcore cooking videos, they have it all! We can’t have a piece on the best baking YouTube channels and not include the BBC!

Martha Stewart

Culinary legend, Martha Stewart needs no introduction. On her YouTube channel, she brings her best-selling crowd-pleasing desserts. Accessible to all home cooks, Martha Bakes is a series originally aired on PBS. One of the best baking YouTube channels, Martha’s expertise only adds to the charm of Perfect Recipes. From its cheesecake recipe and four creative versions to sub-ten-minute mini-clips, decadent chocolate mousse s’more and more, this channel is a baker’s delight.

Hero Image: Unsplash/Kari Shea; Featured image: Courtesy of Instagram/marthastewart

Raymond T. Helms