David Bonola ‘shared disturbing YouTube videos of murder, rape and obsessive love before killing Orsolya Gaal’

The man suspected of murdering Orsolya Gaal in his own home may have run his own YouTube channel with videos about the crime and how to seduce women.

The channel was named after ‘David Bonola’, the name of the handyman who allegedly confessed to brutally stabbing the mother-of-two.


David Bonola, the man accused of Orsolya Gaal’s murder, may have run a YouTube channel full of disturbing videosCredit: Splash
The mother-of-two was stabbed to death at her home in Queens, New York


The mother-of-two was stabbed to death at her home in Queens, New YorkCredit: Facebook/Orsolya Gaal
A YouTube channel by Bonola's name had several videos on how to flirt with women


A YouTube channel by Bonola’s name had several videos on how to flirt with womenCredit: YouTube/David Bonola

There are thousands of videos neatly organized into multiple playlists, including more than 750 videos of local reports of violent crimes, including rapes, murders, and shootings.

Some of the videos related to high-profile murders similar to the one Bonola, 44, allegedly committed after confronting Gaal, 51, at her home in Queens, New York.

Bonola claims he and the married woman had an on-and-off affair for two years, culminating in the alleged murder when the handyman confronted Gaal about the relationship.

His alleged channel contained clips of the 2019 stabbing death of Tessa Majors, an 18-year-old student at Barnard College, during a failed robbery in Harlem.

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A report on the death of sex therapist Amie Harwick, the ex-fiancée of actor Drew Carey, was also shared on the channel.

A playlist named “interesting” featured a video titled How an AK-47 Works.

Several videos had a sex and dating theme, many of which were about how to pick up women or win back a woman who is no longer interested in you.

A playlist contained over 200 videos in the same vein with a clip titled 7 Mindsets That Attract Women Like Crazy.

“By possessing those mindsets, plus of course having pick-up fundamentals, you basically become unstoppable with women,” said “professional dating coach” Matt Artisan of The Attractive Man.

Other videos on the playlist included: 3 attraction tips for “older men” that will attract EVERY woman, how to be instantly irresistible, and how to get a girlfriend (even if she’s not interested in you at the beginning).

There were even videos that contained sexually graphic tips and tricks such as 3 Ways To Please A Girl In Bed (Dirty Moves To Try) and How To Go Down On A Woman.

On top of that, there were also playlists with videos on how to deal with breakups, affairs gone wrong, and how to deal with “narcissists.”

How to Get Your Ex to Constantly Think About You promised a clip with another titled How to Break the Obsession Loop.

There was also a playlist that shared music, including one full of rap videos that featured a haunting type in its title: “rapers.”

Last Thursday, Bonola was charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly stabbing Gaal nearly 60 times in her home while her youngest son was upstairs.


Bonola appears to have a spooky demeanor, allegedly visiting a Starbucks in Forest Hills and leaving baristas with love notes.

Former barista Oliwia Pikulinski told the New York Post: “He was scary, he stalked people. Everyone knew he was a weird individual.

Pikulinski claimed that Bonola would “drop into the tip jar love notes and songs he would make about us”.

“He even went so far as to propose to two of us which is super disturbing because of the weirdness of the interactions,” she added.

The man went to the cafe several times a week, ordering the same items – a dark roast and lemon bread or banana bread, according to Pikulinski.

While there, Bonola reportedly proposed to the female staff, giving them notes and jewelry.

Pikulinski said the man would ask the workers “personal questions” such as their birthday, age and where they live.

“It was personal information that a customer should never ask for,” she said.

“I’m speechless that it was him after all the scary incidents that happened and how upset he upset everyone, especially the women I worked with and even the customers in the lobby. It’s crazy to think about it.

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The police were often called by the baristas, but by the time they arrived Bonola was gone.

An NYPD spokesperson told the Post they had harassment complaints on file, but nothing matched the former worker’s allegations.

Bonola has a history of behavior allegedly


Bonola has a history of allegedly ‘creepy’ behavior towards female staff at his local StarbucksCredit: Facebook
Bonola alleges he and Gaal had an on-and-off two-year affair


Bonola alleges he and Gaal had an on-and-off two-year affairCredit: Facebook/Orsolya Gaal
Surveillance footage reportedly showed Bonola dragging the sports bag that ultimately contained Gaal's body


Surveillance footage reportedly showed Bonola dragging the sports bag that ultimately contained Gaal’s bodyCredit: TWITTER/@winsjuliet

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