Download YouTube videos to computer

You can quickly download YouTube videos to your computer via the Internet as video or audio files. There are several websites that convert video URLs into downloadable files. For our instructions, we used the YouTube converter as the safe example used. Also, there are other downloaders like or Alternatively, we’ll show you a PC program that gives you even more download features.

A new: Although downloading YouTube videos for personal use is theoretically against the platform’s terms of service, it’s not currently illegal. However, the situation is different if you use the downloaded material in another context, such as in a video, or if you distribute it in any way. Distribution of copyrighted material is not permitted without the permission of the copyright holder.

Additional Note: downloader is safe to use. However, the site works with various advertisements which, once clicked, can redirect you to dubious websites. Therefore, we recommend that you do not click on pop-ups that appear and ignore them. Also, the downloader should not be downloaded as a browser plugin, but only the online function of the converter should be used.

Download YouTube videos online

follow our step-by-step instructions or see the Quick Start Guide in.

Download YouTube Videos with 4K Video Downloader

Of 4K Video Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos, playlists, channels and subtitles to your Windows PC or Mac, even in 4K resolution. first you need to download and install 4K Video Downloader from our download page. After that, you can follow our step-by-step instructions or join the Watch Quick Start Guide.

Quick Guide: Download YouTube Videos Online

  1. Copy Youtube Video URL and open the web page
  2. Add the URLs in the box and click “To download”. You also have the option to do so. Format and the resolution adjust the video.

Quick Guide: Download YouTube Videos with 4K Video Downloader

  1. Install and start the 4K video downloader.
  2. It’s understood youtube link of the desired video.
  3. In the program, click “insert link“.
  4. change that Format and the quality according to your wishes.
  5. Finally click on “To download“.

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