Dozens of voter fraud YouTube videos in Spanish demonstrate the platform’s toothless policies

Media Matters has identified dozens of other Spanish-language YouTube videos spreading misinformation about the US election, building on two pieces of previous reports that highlighted 12 videos promoting false narratives about allegedly fraudulent voting during 2020 elections.

YouTube allowed four videos from previous reports to remain on the platform, even though their central claims included fraudulent ballots arriving in the US from China and Mexico, 1.8 million ‘ghost voters’ voted in 2020, 66,248 minors voted and a crime boss fabricated 300,000 fake ballots for current President Joe Biden.

YouTube has explicit election misinformation policies and is committed to addressing election misinformation in Spanish ahead of midterms. However, platforms like YouTube often roll out a policy too late and still don’t enforce their policies consistently.

Media Matters has identified dozens of additional videos since those original reports that aired a plethora of voter fraud stories on YouTube in Spanish that have been repeatedly debunked in the past, including the Georgia conspiracy theory about dumping ballots and the claim that the dead voted. in 2020. In total, we found 40 videos containing content that violated the integrity of elections, including the 12 videos previously flagged in the previous two content pieces and another 28 videos flagged below..

YouTube channels like Americano Media’s Isabel Cuervo account have already begun to sow skepticism about the midterm elections, claiming that “corrupt” NGOs would manage the vote and that the Democratic Party is trying to ” hide the reality” of an election that has not yet taken place. Other YouTubers made baseless claims that there would be violence from the left if the Republicans won in November. Additionally, on right-wing Spanish-language radios and social media, many prominent figures have been spreading fear this summer about Democrat election interference in future terms, including figures who have a significant presence on YouTube. .

YouTube videos in Spanish spreading stories of voter fraud

The 28 additional videos listed below — which have racked up more than 1.6 million combined views — spread blatant election misinformation during the 2020 presidential election cycle. The false claim that the voting systems of the Dominion are linked to the supposed manipulation of the American elections was a basic narrative in the sphere of disinformation in Spanish. Similar stories are still playing on Spanish-language radios and other social media platforms ahead of the 2022 midterms.

Electoral disinformation on Dominion, Smartmatic or voting machines

Since the 2020 presidential elections, Spanish-speaking right-wing actors have been spreading misinformation about the Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems. Many have linked these voting systems to cases of voter fraud in countries like Mexico and Venezuela, and claimed that Dominion voting machines have changed votes from candidate to candidate. However, no evidence has been found indicating that Dominion enabled any kind of mass voter fraud.

YouTube has an election misinformation policy against “allegations that a candidate only won a swing state in the 2020 U.S. presidential election due to voting machine issues that altered the votes.”

  • In a video titled “Soros detained for election interference, possible fraud discovered”, Paracen Noticias Extra, with 1.68 million subscribers, spread a patently false conspiracy theory claiming that George Soros had been detained for election fraud. Additionally, the host falsely claimed that Dominion voting systems traded 6,000 votes in Michigan. [9/23/20]
  • In a video titled “US Election Update: George Soros Uncovered,” the Stories of Tomorrow YouTube channel, which has more than 120,000 subscribers, echoed Rudy Giuliani’s claim that Democrats tweaked votes through tricks. computer algorithms and that Smartmatic was at the center of alleged electoral fraud. in the United States, Mexico and Venezuela. The video also peddled the false narrative that George Soros and Mark Malloch Brown were behind voter fraud in the United States. [11/23/20]
  • In a video titled ‘Machines, Sovereignty and Democracy – Live’, Cuervo guest Ana Diaz claimed Smartmatic software ‘destroyed’ a critical phase of the electoral process and claimed the software could alter results elections in several counties. [11/17/20]
  • In a video titled ‘Breaking-Electoral-College-Arizona-Trump-US-And’, conservative YouTube personality Monica Calle made statements about alleged massive voter fraud, including allegations of ‘foreign interference’ and thefts of voting machines. [12/14/20]

Fraudulent or manipulated voting records

The videos below center on the claim that thousands — or hundreds of thousands — of fraudulent or manipulated ballots caused voter fraud in the United States, leading Biden to victory. Many YouTubers have falsely claimed that dead people voted, strangers voted, or people voted multiple times. There is no evidence that there was widespread fraud through ballots cast by non-citizens, for deceased persons, or by persons voting twice,

YouTube has an election misinformation policy against “allegations that the dead voted in numbers that changed the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” While this explicit policy only applies to stories from the 2016 presidential election, many videos about the 2020 presidential election have also peddled the narrative that deceased people voted.

  • In a video titled “Problems for Joe Biden”, with more than 385,000 views, YouTube channel Los Liberales claimed that Trump’s legal team had found between 800,000 and 1.2 million illegal votes, including 8,000 votes under the names of deceased persons and thousands of other manipulated or fraudulent votes. ballot papers. [11/27/20]
  • In a video titled ‘The FBI already has the evidence to investigate US election fraud’, Parecen Noticias Extra claimed there was ‘massive’ voter fraud in which hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes were cast. in the 2020 election, allegedly by people who don’t. t exist and people who voted multiple times. [11/29/20]
  • In a video titled “Release the ‘Kraken’: President Trump’s final strike”, with more than 205,000 views, YouTube channel Rafa Pal falsely claimed that Joe Biden had admitted they were planning “the biggest voter fraud operation in history,” and further claimed that the dead, strangers, and children voted, alongside people who they believed were too old to vote at all. [11/15/20]
  • In a video titled “The Swamp vs We the People,” YouTube channel Jota DBS compiled several English-language clips with Spanish subtitles that amplified accounts of voter fraud from figures like Rudy Giuliani and other right-wing sources. . One claim claimed a “spike” in the vote tally for Biden was an indicator of voter fraud. Another clip featured Giuliani claiming there were 700,000 more mail-in ballots received than sent to Pennsylvania. [12/05/20]
  • In a video titled “What happened to democracy in the United States? Biden and zero for Trump was a questionable “irregular” event. [11/05/20]

General Stolen Election Narratives

The videos below consist of largely misguided claims about the 2020 presidential election. Many of the videos below echo Trump’s allegation of a rigged election and claim that the radical left or the Democrats are responsible for to have orchestrated an alleged electoral fraud.

YouTube has misinformation policies that prohibit “claims that widespread fraud or errors occurred in a prior U.S. presidential election” or “claims that the 2020 U.S. presidential election was rigged or stolen” .

  • In a video titled “Here’s how fraud happened in the United States,” YouTube channel Mexicodezpierto falsely claimed that “major historical fraud” had taken place in at least two states. The narrator said Biden won 2% over Trump with just 1% of the ballots counted, and concluded it was a “rough manipulation of the numbers.” [11/04/20]
  • In a video titled “Election Fraud in the United States, Trump Warns,” YouTube channel Rony Analiza shared a captioned version of Trump’s speech on election night where the former president claimed Democrats stole the election. election and committed “a fraud on the American public”. ” [11/04/20]
  • In a video titled “Colossal Voter Fraud, America Suffers,” YouTube channel BTN Noticias echoed Trump’s false claims that Democrats committed “fraud and corruption” by mailing ballots to voters who don’t. hadn’t asked for them. The YouTube channel also claimed that if mail-in ballots were counted after Election Day, it made them fraudulent. [11/06/20]

Update (10/10/22): Just before the publication of this article, YouTube terminated two of the channels mentioned above, Super Viralisimo and Monica Calle News 2. Super Viralisimo was highlighted in a previous article, and its videos were left on the platform for over a month before they were deleted. Additionally, another video referenced above appears to have been deleted by the channel that posted it, also just before it was posted.

Raymond T. Helms