Eight YouTube Channels That Will Teach You More Skills Than a Four-Year Curriculum

Are you struggling to achieve something creative without spending your precious four years? How about challenging yourself to learn new skills, similar to a four-year degree program, in less time? As we know, the world has become a global village. Therefore, you can quickly get what you want with just a few clicks. We all know that YouTube is accessible to everyone. YouTube has more than 50,934,583 channels with different educational content. Here we list 8 + 2 channels for you to learn more skills than a 4-year degree.

1. Crash course

Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel started by John Green and Hank Green (the two brothers). Creating a channel aims to provide high quality educational videos to everyone. You can quickly get videos related to educational programs such as psychology, economics, history, geography, physics, chemistry and other subjects. You just need to subscribe to the channel to get the latest videos available.


2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational website where you can find different experiments and lessons with tutorials. The channel is a non-profit organization that aims to provide free, world-class education for everyone. Adults and children can quickly get videos on different educational topics. If you are looking for good math skills, life, universe, geological and climatic history, stars and galaxies, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to take advantage of this opportunity.


3.Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank’s Channel helps you be more productive in high school, college, or college. The channel is best known for its foodservice videos related to personal development, learning habits, or management-related topics. In this channel you will also get ideas for learning new skills to earn at home.


4. The school of life

The channel aims to provide videos to help you learn, heal and grow. The channel is created by a group whose mission is to bring growth, healing, calm and self-understanding to our young people. If you have questions regarding your future, your career or your personal life, you can easily find positive answers to your questions. You can find videos on Creativity, Mindfulness, Passion Vs. Duty, Loneliness, and other reality-based topics.


5. TED

TED is a very professional channel that deals with educational topics for educators. TED is dedicated to finding and sharing knowledge that matters through presentations and short talks. This channel will receive short videos and presentations of just 8-10 minutes on different current topics and scenarios. Additionally, presentations on the channels called “Ted talks” are recorded public presentations originally given to the principal TED (technology, entertainment and design).


6. MIT OpenCourse Ware

MIT Open Course Ware is an online publication of virtually all MIT course content. It is a publicly available, open-licensed digital collection of high-quality teaching and learning materials. MIT is a highly ranked Boston University in the United States and the world.


7. Bozeman Science

Creator Paul Andersen has created hundreds of nature-related science videos. Millions of learners have watched it around the world. The videos deal with in-depth scientific realities and environmental sciences. You can get videos on human cells, human structure, nature, animal studies, atmosphere and geology


8. Free CodeCamp

Free CodeCamp is a unique YouTube channel that offers simple language coding and programming. It will help you complete your courses in the best possible way. Moreover, the channel offers a wide range of different topics for people interested in learning programming and coding. Not only that, but you can also apply for free coding and math courses. The track offers free web development courses and programming tutorials, teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more.


9. Charisma on command

The channel invites you to increase your charisma and confidence and bring the best version of yourself. Moreover, the channel covers great topics such as rules of life, avoiding the trap, becoming more confident, making people laugh, and much more. Charisma on command will teach you how to exploit your charismatic potential. Therefore, you can activate it whenever you want.


10. Better Than Yesterday

This is a lively YouTube channel where you will get productivity and time management videos, exploring new ideas in new and creative ways to make your life more productive.


The above mentioned list of YouTube channels is highly recommended for you to join and enjoy the best courses without spending your precious four years.

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Raymond T. Helms