For the best home workout, turn to these 7 YouTube channels that will get your adrenaline pumping in no time

There are very few of us who start the year without at least one fitness or body-focused goal, and although many of us attempt to do so through home workouts , gyms also usually play a huge role in this (memberships usually increase by around sixty percent). . But, with Omicron’s newfound ubiquity, 2022 has started on a cautious note. That doesn’t mean your fitness resolutions should, though. There’s no shortage of great at-home workouts you can try, and our roundup of the most relevant fitness channels will help you stay on track to reach your goals. Just press play and let the action begin…

Best YouTube Channels to Follow for a Great Home Workout

1. Mr and Mrs Muscle

Type of training: Strength and conditioning

Ideal if you want a strong and targeted circuit, Mr & Mrs Muscle offers a range of low and high intensity workouts for different durations, meaning you can pretty much customize as you go. 10 minutes of abs? Sorted. 15 minutes of standing cardio? They have you. 30-minute thighs and glutes without jumps, suitable for knees? By all means, sir. You can mix and match circuits to get exactly the time, intensity, and targeted workout you need, including whether you have equipment you can use or not. A bonus; you usually train to music versus a trainer yelling at you in their videos.


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2. The Red Workshop

Type of workout: Zumba

Some of us just aren’t uplifting people, fam. And there’s no reason a disdain for dumbbells should translate into a disdain for fitness itself. If you’re looking for a great cardio routine or to give your muscles a break from all that S&C, this Zumba channel is your Mecca. With a mix of popular music across countries, easy-to-follow steps (that don’t border on condescending simplicity), and around a million songs so you’ll never run out of options, build a playlist of 30 or 45 minutes from their sets is the best way to get that heart rate. I also love them because while most zumba is clumsily taped into a class, they are professionally put together which really enhances the home workout experience.

Raymond T. Helms