From Park Seo Joon, Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young and more

More and more Korean celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and starting their own YouTube channels.

With this, fans can get a glimpse of their life outside the spotlight and see them in a different light.

From a day in their life, behind the scenes of their current project to random sitting videos, these 5 K-drama stars have started their own YouTube channels and we’re obsessed with it.

Seo Joun Park

the Itaewon-class star created his YouTube channel in July 2019, which he named Save PARK.

The South Korean star’s first-ever vlog features his activities while promoting his film divine fury with Woo Do Hwan and veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki.

Interestingly, one of his most viewed vlogs is a video of him getting a haircut and it was Park Saeroyi’s hairstyle, seen in the hit K-drama Itaewon class.

As of this writing, Park Seo Joon’s YouTube channel has 45 videos and his latest vlog includes a look at his schedule in London filming his upcoming movie The Marvels starring Brie Larson.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is another K-drama idol who is also a certified vlogger.

Launched in 2020, The King: Eternal Monarch The star surprised fans after the actor announced he had started a personal YouTube channel.

Called leeminho film, its first upload was a video titled Movielog EP.1 showing an overview of his past works and press engagements.

One thing that sets Lee Min Ho’s YouTube among other celebrity content creators is that it was aesthetically executed, from the visuals, to the editing, to the music used.

Currently, he has a total of 19 videos and 864,000 subscribers.

Ji Chang Wook

The Lovestruck in the City star launched her channel in September 2019 with her first video featuring her YouTube. Title Ji Chang Wook’s YouTube debut, it featured the actor enjoying a delicious meal alongside his crew as he talked about his own channel.

Interestingly, the South Korean idol got candid and revealed that he wants to start a YouTube channel “to communicate with fans and share interesting behind-the-scenes clips.”

Out of all of his 69 vlog entries, Ji Chang Wook’s YouTube video that got the most views is a video of the actor singing. When love passes rake in 2.3 million views and count.

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Lee Hyeri

The singer-actress is among the active Korean celebrities on YouTube who often share random activities in her life.

Hyeri’s YouTube was launched in July 2019, where she can tell fans about her shoots, yoga sessions, and even some trending content like mukbangs and more.

After more than two years of vlogging, Hyeri’s YouTube channel currently has 1.51 million subscribers and was awarded “Celebrity YouTuber of the Year” in 2020.

Hyeri’s latest YouTube video features a clip revealing that she has already purchased her first property and shared a video of her furniture and home decor shopping.

Min Young Park

Joining the list of Korean celebrities with their own YouTube channel is none other than Park Min Young.

The Hallyu star started uploading videos to her channel, Just Parkminyoung, in July 2020.

On her first vlog, the Forecast love and weather The star revealed what made her decide to take up YouTube vlogging.

Park Min Young shared that she likes to be herself when she has free time.

Two years after launching her channel, the actress has 1.01 million subscribers and counting.

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