Get on the beat with these 9 walking workout YouTube videos

Taking a certain number of steps each day is a common goal for many wellness-conscious people. But sometimes weather, busy schedules, or travel make walking difficult. That’s where YouTube’s walking workouts come in handy: you can rack up thousands of steps and stay active in a relatively small space. Here are some of the best walking workouts available today.

Basically the queen of walking workouts, Leslie Sansone creates videos that rack up millions and millions of views. Sansone’s upbeat and encouraging tone helps make workouts enjoyable and fun.

Watch the 1 Mile Walk video to quickly increase your heart rate by walking like a runner. During this 12-minute workout, you’ll be marching to the beat, clapping, and generally feeling pumped up. As Sansone reminds viewers, even small steps count during this fast-paced workout, so go ahead and hit the play button.

Brian Syuki walks you through a series of step-by-step workouts with the 20 Minute Indoor Jogging For Beginners video. It’s a way to get a great workout without a treadmill or other equipment. During the 20-minute routine, you’ll run in place, work your arms, and even balance your legs. It’s a fun way to shake up your regular walking workout with a bit of variety.


Syuki’s channel is full of standing workouts, making it a perfect choice for anyone who likes to exercise at home. It includes everything from beginner-friendly routines to intense workouts.

Trying to take 10,000 steps a day? Joanna Soh’s 30-minute workout, 10,000 Indoor STEP🚶‍♀️Challenge, can help you boost those numbers. With the addition of sidesteps, kicks, curls, etc., it’s a great way to get plenty of movement in just half an hour. You can even try moves inspired by kickboxing.

As Soh explains, you can do the entire workout in a relatively small space, so it’s perfect if you’re at home (or even in the office). Workout challenges, bodybuilding videos and even recipes are also featured on Soh’s channel, making it an ideal stopover for anyone interested in fitness and wellness content.

Walk a mile and exercise your arms with Keoni Tamayo’s 1 Mile FAST WALK routine. You can listen to upbeat music and follow along as Tamayo demonstrates arm strokes, sidesteps, and extra cardio work. An on-screen step counter will help you maintain your motivation level. Even better, you can watch a pair of kittens play on the left side of the screen.

If you’re a fan of walking workout videos, the Reps to the Rhythm channel has a huge selection. Following Tamayo is one of the many ways to get a free cardio workout at home.

This NETFLIX walking workout video from Rovena gives you a workout without even requiring your full attention. This workout is designed so you can complete it while watching a movie or listening to a podcast, making it an easy way to get a 45-minute workout while enjoying your favorite show.

Just keep an eye on Rovena to track each exercise, then go at your own pace for the time allotted. Exercises like side steps with arm movements, marching in place, and jogging make the workout interesting.

Visit Rovena’s channel for many more home fitness videos, including many walking exercises. And if you need a little extra motivation to take more steps each day, check out mobile apps that reward walking habits.

For some serious variety in your walking workout, join Paul Eugene for the Jog, Run, Power March, Fast Walking and Drills video. A long-time fitness instructor, Eugene presents every move in a positive and encouraging way.

You’ll move forward and backward, run horizontally, and pump your arms while taking approximately 3,000 steps. Eugene proves it’s easy to have a blast while completing these milestones. Do your best to keep up! Visit Eugene’s channel for videos on cardio, stretching, dancing and more.

Ready for a challenge? growwithjo’s 5 Mile INTENSE Full Body Walking Workout proves that home workouts can make you work just as hard as gym workouts. Over an hour long, this video invites you to do a full body workout while walking to the beat.

During the 8 km indoor walk, you will also work your arms, back, glutes, abs, etc. You are sure to sweat. Check out the rest of growwithjo’s channel for Tabata, HIIT, cardio, and other workout and fitness content. Cardio dance routines are especially great for anyone who loves a dance workout video.

Move at different walking speeds during this energetic workout, the 20-Minute HIIT Walk with Gina B. Breathe, stretch, and, of course, walk during this energetic routine filled with pumped retro music from Tom Jones, ABBA, and Moreover.

For more musical workouts, the Up to the BEat Fit channel has a slew of videos spanning decades, music genres, and song categories. There’s a 1950s walking workout, a BTS Dynamite HIIT workout, and just about everything in between.

Want to feel like you’re going somewhere, even when you’re walking in place or stuck in a small space? Zion National Park Virtual Tour is a neat video that takes you on a virtual tour as you walk on site. You’ll even bump into other hikers while enjoying the scenery in this new take on a walking workout video.

Just know that it will make you want to visit the beautiful park in real life one day. Check out the World Nature Video channel for more virtual runs, bike rides and visits to beautiful places.

Go for it with indoor walking workout videos

On days when an outdoor walk or treadmill walk just isn’t in the cards, these videos offer an engaging and enjoyable way to rack up your steps. The best walking workout videos on YouTube make exercising at home fun and entertaining, something you’ll look forward to playing again and again.

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