Google Assistant will answer questions with YouTube videos on Google and Android TV

Google Assistant will play a YouTube video on Google TVs to answer questions instead of just recommending content options. The new feature takes advantage of the larger screen and voice assistant access to Google’s product library to cut the steps between asking a question and finding a video to play. The new feature is part of a collection of Google Nest and TV updates shared on a forum.

Google TV, assistant, video platform

A screen with suggested content has until now been Google Assistant’s response to queries on smart TVs, as it is on other voice-activated devices with screens. Now, a question about the stock market will prompt a news outlet’s YouTube video on the topic to play, skipping the extra step of choosing from a curated selection. The summary explaining the new feature says the new feature will be available on Chromecast with Google TV, although there are no details on third-party app integration or YouTube live TV channels. on Google TV or even live news channels on YouTube TV.

YouTube wasn’t the only TV connection that Google deepened in the update. The Google Home app can now search and enter passwords from a smartphone keyboard directly on the TV. Users can also download Google Play apps with their smartphones to their TV. These apps now include TikTok, albeit several months after Amazon Fire TV added the video social media platform.

“Your Google Nest devices just keep getting better, with more customization, entertainment and shortcuts. Enjoy more shows and content on Chromecast with Google TV, updated controls in the Google Home app and of a birthday countdown on Nest Hub. All the little improvements add more help and more fun,” Google explained in the summary. “Asking about Chromecast with Google TV just got more interesting, with news and YouTube videos as part of the results.”

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