Google Discover will now let you block specific YouTube channels

Google will now allow you to narrow down the videos that appear in your Discover feed by blocking specific YouTube channels from being featured.

For many, the Google Discover feed is a gateway to the internet, easily accessible on Android between Search, Chrome and Pixel Launcher. Although the Discover feed consists mostly of blog content from the internet and occasional Reddit posts, you’ll also occasionally come across videos from YouTube and YouTube Shorts.

Google Discover has long offered ways to better organize what appears in your feed, which is already driven by your Google search history, indicating that you are not interested in a particular topic or even blocking sites from appearing. Specific websites. This last control is especially useful for blocking misleading or unwanted content, or really anything you don’t want to see.

However, in the case of YouTube videos, the only option offered by Google Discover for a long time was to completely block YouTube from appearing. Given the vast diversity of channels and creators on YouTube, this approach was going too far. It was also quite surprising to see Google Discover treat YouTube this way, given that it’s quite capable of displaying the channel name when it features a video.

A new experience in the Google Search app, spotted on both stable and beta on multiple devices, introduces a more polished approach with a new “Do not show content from [channel] on YouTube” to block specific channels. For those who just don’t care about YouTube videos, the original “Do not show YouTube content” option will also remain available.

The ability to isolate specific YouTube channels to block from Google Discover has been requested many times over the past few months, though every example we can find amusingly singles one out. particular channel for withdrawal. So if you were hoping to find a way to block fake movie trailers from your Google Discover feed, today might be your lucky day.

Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Google rolls it out more widely, although they’ve been known to experiment with new features for the Discover feed over long periods of time.

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