Government not trying to control individually run YouTube channels: Secretary Dr Aryal – myRepublica

KATHMANDU, March 16: The Secretary at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Baikuntha Aryal, has said that the government is not trying to control YouTube channels run by individuals.

Speaking to a show organized to mark World Consumer Rights Day on Tuesday, Aryal said the government is not trying to control Google and its free services like the YouTube channel if it is registered as of an individual. He said the government is taking initiatives to regulate YouTubers who claim to be media.

Secretary Aryal said that while freedom of speech and freedom of speech is left open, freedom is sought to invade the privacy of others.

He said efforts are being made to regulate some YouTube channels under the law as many have made videos to spread rumors as online TV. He also admitted that the government lacked digital technology according to the times.

Secretary Aryal said the government has been unable to work effectively despite continuous efforts to develop digitalization in the country.

Secretary Aryal also highlighted the need to improve digital technology both in government and in the private sector. He mentioned that there is no temporal law to make digital technology easy for consumers.

He also announced that the government was preparing to introduce the Communications Act 1997 into parliament making it completely new.

Raymond T. Helms