How To Make Money From YouTube Videos – 10 Ways To Monetize Your Content

Image credit: YouTube

Can you make money from YouTube videos? YouTube says yes. Read on to find out ten ways creators can make money on YouTube, as revealed by the platform itself.

YouTube recently spoiled creators. Along with launching a revamped YouTube for Creators website, he released a helpful list sharing 10 ways creators can monetize their content on YouTube.

From monetizing YouTube Shorts to his new Super Thanks, which lets fans personally support their favorite channels, check out his 10 tips for making money on YouTube below.

1. Short Film Fund

YouTube Shorts aims to inspire creators to create TikTok-esque videos. Now, with the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund for 2021-2022, eligible creators will be selected each month to claim a bonus payout. It can range from $100 to $10,000.

You don’t need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program to be eligible, but you must be creating original content, uploading a short film in the last 180 days, and being in an applicable location. See all the details here.

2. Announcements

Advertising has always been the main way for artists to make money from YouTube. Ads on YouTube work through Google Ads.

3. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s paid subscription tier, allowing users to access YouTube Music and YouTube ad-free. YouTube claims that the majority of revenue generated by YouTube Premium goes to YouTube partners.

4. Channel subscriptions

For a monthly fee, users can join a creator’s channel to get perks and exclusive content.

5. Super Cat

Fans watching your live stream or premiere can draw your attention to the never-ending river of chat by purchasing a Super Chat. It makes their message stand out in the feed so you can see you have a loyal fan in the crowd.

6. Great thank you

Super Thanks lets fans show their appreciation for videos you upload. They can post a unique comment in bright colors, so you can immediately see that they thanked you for your uploads.

7. Great Stickers

Super Stickers allow fans to show their support in live streams by purchasing a sticker that will stand out from the crowd to let the artist know they are watching.

8. Merchandise

Artists can use a virtual shelf to display official branded merchandise on the play page, so your fans can easily purchase artist merchandise.

9. Ticket office

A tour in sight? List your concert dates on YouTube so that your fans can buy tickets by immediately clicking to buy tickets.

10. YouTube Brand Connection

YouTube BrandConnect previously existed as FameBit, aiming to turn viewers into customers via influencers. Creators and brands can create content to target fans with strategic analytics tools.

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