How to turn long YouTube videos into shorts

Shorter videos are a great way for creators to reach more users, and YouTube is now making it easy to convert existing long videos into shorts.

Since the release of Youtube In short, content creators have been quick to turn their longer videos into shorter clips. For YouTubers, it’s a great way to reach a wider audience. Given the amount of time creators spend filming and producing their work, efficiency is key. As a result, YouTube has updated its app to provide time-saving authoring tools for YouTube Shorts. Simple and convenient, this process is easy to follow.

Google released YouTube Shorts worldwide in 2021 to follow the TikTok trend. Similar to TikTok, users can endlessly scroll through YouTube Shorts videos. Various additional video enhancements are available, such as green screen, music, effects, and subtitles. The Shorts platform currently allows a maximum video length of 15-60 seconds.


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The most convenient way to turn a long video into a short one is to use YouTube’s “Edit to Short” feature. Start by opening the YouTube app. Then choose the ‘Library’ icon located at the bottom right. Select the ‘Your videos’ icon near the top. Navigate to the desired video and select it. The screen will now show the video and several options in the menu below. The next step is to choose the ‘Create’ icon in the menu. Select ‘Edit in a short‘ at the top. Using the tool, users can cut the video into segments of up to 60 seconds in length. Additionally, users can edit the short film by adding additional filters and footage with the camera or imported video, as long as the overall clip does not exceed 60 seconds. When all changes are complete, press ‘Next’ top right. Add a title and caption for the video. Remember to select other necessary options before clicking ‘download short.’

Convert existing videos to short films

There are a few things to note when turning an original long-form YouTube video into a short. For one thing, the longest content must be the YouTuber’s original work. Also, the video cannot be private or have the option ‘Made for children.’ If either is the case, the ‘Create’ the icon will not appear in the menu. As with all apps, this may change in the future. Most notable, however, is that short films created using the YouTube tool will link content to the original video. Viewers will have the option to skip straight to the attribution content and watch the full footage.

Despite YouTube’s reputation as a long-form video site, short videos are watched by over 1.5 billion users per month. Content creators are finding that short films are a powerful way to showcase their long-form videos and drive viewers to that content. Using YoutubeThe Shorts Conversion Tool is an easy way to build on this success.

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Raymond T. Helms